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Does anyone know of a source for scrub fabric?  My DIL, the resident, is
pregnant.  A google search is not turning up very much.  I know scrubs can
be made of any fabric, but I think most scrub fabric is a poly-cotton blend.
I'm thinking that means less ironing.  Thanks.

Re: Scrub fabric
Lee & Cathi Thomas wrote:
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You want a broadcloth or lightweight poplin.  Are you looking for solids
or prints?  Solids would be really easy -- has got to
have a ton, and at modest prices, too.

When I am looking for a particular fabric to purchase, I always add
"yard" or "yards" or "yardage" to the name of the fabric to cut through
the forest of RTW items made from that fabric and actually find the
fabric vendors.

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Re: Scrub fabric
Melinda Meahan - take out TRASH to reply wrote:
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  This site has some interesting fabrics, a lot of 100% cotton, which
need some ironing but are great looking. They would make great looking
scrubs because they are cheerful and nontraditional. If I were still
wearing hospital clothing I'd love the look of them with white or color
coordinated pants.
Amy Butler also has some really neat patterns and carries her

Re: Scrub fabric
Lee & Cathi Thomas wrote:
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My local JoAnn Fabric has poly-cotton blend they sell as
"scrub fabric" it's durable and easy to clean.  I used it to
make lots of scrubs for my SS who works in a hospital lab.
The online source shows only two colors, but check you



Re: Scrub fabric
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When I've been through the operating or day surgery theartres (and it's been
multiple times in the past few years) I've noted that many of the scrubs the
staff in the unit were wearing where the same as some of the all cotton
quilting fabrics I'd seen and some of whihc I even had in my stash.  I

 was impressed because they were all the bright kids type fabrics - multi
colour pussy cats/frogs etc and I thought they might have got them with kids
and the trauma they must experience at these alien creatures in mind.  And
as for ironing - nah!  All obviously went to the hospital laundry and were
just poorly folded and kept in a cupboard fro retrieval as clen ones were

Re: Scrub fabric
I have seen the scrub type fabrics at Wal Mart.
Barbara in FL

Re: Scrub fabric
Thanks everybody.  I'll just let her pick whatever she wants.  It will be a
few months before she needs them anyway.  I had thought about quilting
cottons, some are so beautiful.  I have made her a tote from Amy Butler

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