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I have a White serger that is over 15 years old that is not working very
well lately so am in the market for a new serger.  We were led to believe
that White was an Elna serger at the time we purchased.  We since found
out that is not the case.  I have had an Elna regular sewing machine for
almost 40 years which is still the best machine I have tried so of course
was interested in Elna.  My dilema now is whether to go with an Elna
Serger (I understand they are made by Janome now) or try another..... any

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Re: serger choice
omhubbard wrote:
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Brother for mid range: LOVE my 1034D
Bernina and Husqvarna for upper range workhorse machines.  Loved my
Huskylock 910, and love my Bernina 1150MDA.
Toyota for budget to mid range little workhorses.

Elna are NOT what they were since Janome took over the name...

YOU would have to pay ME to take on a Bernette, or a Janome!  I've had
both brands vibrate off the table into my lap.  Not a good dance move,
that: I don't like lap-dancing machines in the sewing room!

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Re: serger choice
I believe most home sergers come out of one of a couple of factories... only
the specs change.

I'd suggest either buying a serger your local dealer supports if you're going
to buy locally, or a Juki mechanical -- they're built very sturdily, and the
new ones are easy to thread.  Good serger at a reasonable price, ime.


Re: serger choice

On 3/24/09 10:37 AM, in article
49c8fe27$0$16635$, "omhubbard"

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I loved all three Pfaffs I've owned and used a lot.  I upgraded twice and
now have a 5-thread w/ cover-stitch.  The first machine was bought by a
friend; the second one was given to my youngest DD.  Now, I have some
difficulty threading it because of my sight; my DS gave me a Baby Lock that
is very easy threading and I love it as much as the Pfaff.

Having said that, the best advice I can give is check out the different
dealers online, pick a few machines that suits your needs.  Then go to the
dealer, and try out each one to see which make & model you like.
You will then have a serger that is comfortable for you in every way.

Re: serger choice
On Tue, 24 Mar 2009 15:37:11 UTC,
rayjean.mazurek_at_gmail_dot_ (omhubbard) wrote:

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The Elna 745, 845 and 945 sergers, along with the Janome 1200D are all
good machines, made by Hosei of Japan. The Huskylock 905. 910 and 936
sergers would also be good choices.


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