Serger tension/stitch problem...Again

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I own a My Lock serger.
Seems like whenever I change thread my serger stitching is off again.
This time all I did was change color and now it is not stitching properly
I have no idea where to start adjustments/tension.
I mostly use a  3 thread roll stitching, when serging edges of fabrics prior
to sewing .

Re: Serger tension/stitch problem...Again
DaveS wrote:
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You presumably changed the threads because you've changed fabrics? That's
enough to need stitch adjustment.

Here's a suggestion: the thread paths on a serger are usually colour-coded.
Thread each one with the appropriate colour of thread (blue thread in the
path marked blue, green in the green etc). Now set each tension dial to the
middle and sew. Try regular overlocking, three-thread rolled edge, and
anything else. Sew fine and heavy scraps.

You'll be able to see, because each thread is a different colour, which one
is misbehaving. Too much of the blue thread showing? Tighten the blue
tension dial a little. Too little thread? Lower the tension a bit. Make
adjustments to one thread at a time until you get a perfect stitch. Note
that if too much of one looper thread is showing you might have to raise the
tension on that one _and_ lower it slightly on the other looper.

After you've done this for a while you'll be able to look at a piece of
stitching and think - ah, the lower looper's not tight enough. It really
helps in getting to know your serger.

There's a section in most serging books that illustrated how to adjust for a
balanced stitch. The Singer Sewing Library "Sewing with an Overlock" is a
good one.

Sally Holmes
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Re: Serger tension/stitch problem...Again
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I'd start by making sure the thread (is it the same type and weight, just
a different color?) is "flossed" down into the tensions properly, and you've
got the threading right.  From there, I'd try to figure out from what
the stitching is doing which tension(s) need tweaking, and very slowly
move the tension lighter or heavier as needed, till things straighten out.

Have you got a copy of the Ultimate Serger Answer Guide?  It's an excellent
troubleshooting guide for basic serger functions.  I highly recommend it.

Kay Lancaster

Re: Serger tension/stitch problem...Again
On Sun, 04 Jan 2004 03:52:42 -0500, DaveS wrote:
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Hi Dave,

As I have been reading recently, just changing the colour of your serger
thread, can change the tension requirements.

I got an excellent book for Christmas - The Complete Serger Handbook by
Chris Jame s - and this has lots of pictures showing each type of stich,
and what they look like when the tension has gone wrong, and how to fix
your problems - you might want to buy or take out from the library this
book, or there are other similar boooks around.

I'm a little puzzled as to why you are using a 3 thread rolled finish for
edges of fabric prior to sewing. I've been using a 3 thread overlock for
finishing edges of fabric prior to sewing - which gives a nice flat
finish. I have been doing by best to sew as much of my clothes as possible
withe the serger, using a 4 thread overlock for seams.

HTH, Sarah

Re: Serger tension/stitch problem...Again
Adjusting serger tensions is the normal process of "serging".  That is
why you need to get familiar with how to change your tensions
properly. It really isn't that difficult.

1.  Only adjust one tension dial at a time, then test.  
2.  Adjust the "too tight" tension first, to see if this clears up the
3.  Secondly, adjust any thread appearing too loose, test again.

You may have only changed thread colors, but are the spools and types
of thread the exact same brand and as the last color?  All thread
behaves in different manners, regarding how it comes off the spool.
Is it crosswound, which feeds-off the easiest.  Is it a normal spool,
which feeds-off with more resistance against it?

Good Luck!  ShereeSews in Michigan

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