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Seems like most of my current sewing is mending and hemming.  DH has lost  
weight and I've been taking in the waist of his shorts.  Also, son's pants  
need to be hemmed up.  DH had a shoulder operation 4 weeks ago from an older  
injury and is having therapy so that is keeping us busy.  So what are you  
working on?
Barbara in FL  

Re: Sewing and Mending
On 19/01/2015 1:27 AM, Bobbie Sews More wrote:
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I'm trying to stir my stumps to actually start something.  I need to  
start work on a summer night dress and on some sleeveless scooped tank  
top type things.

These are at the following stages:
1) 'still in my mind' for nightdress styling,
2) have excavated the fabric for one project,
and 3) need to find a number of fabrics for the other project

Re: Sewing and Mending

On 19/01/2015 1:27 AM, Bobbie Sews More wrote:
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I'm trying to stir my stumps to actually start something.  I need to
start work on a summer night dress and on some sleeveless scooped tank
top type things.

These are at the following stages:
1) 'still in my mind' for nightdress styling,
2) have excavated the fabric for one project,
and 3) need to find a number of fabrics for the other project

Right after Christmas I went to Wal Mart for their clearance and got 2  
pretty fleece throws, one red the other green that I am going to make some  
warm jackets for my dog and his dog girlfriend.  We have some very cold,  
windy, wet  days here in Florida too!  Even when it is only in the low 60's  
& 50's a few of the dogs wear flannel pj's when they are walking in the  
evening.  These little short haired dogs get cold too!  There is one  
hairless dog here in the resort and he can't stay out in the sun very long  
and usually wears a light cotton t-shirt on the warm days.   I plan to get  
started on all this today.  Since my dog is a winnie dog I will need to make  
his jacket longer on back.  He already has a jacket, 2 sweaters,  a  
raincoat, and 3 warm blankets.  I'll also make a couple of baby blankets for  
the local Hearts & Hands Food Bank.
Good luck with you sewing!  Barbara in FL

Re: Sewing and Mending

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Having cleaned my sewing workspace, I have had to get stuck in with DH  
and we have cleared the marble workshop also. Something exciting is  
about to happen but for the moment my lips are sealed.

Now everything is clean I am making messes again. In a bid to get ahead  
of myself I have taken out the Spring / Summer dresses left from last  
year, pressed them and  had a look at those that have been with me too  
long. I have recycled 4 of them into new but smaller sized dresses. Now  
I can see which sizes I need to top up and what the colour spectrum is.  
This spring is looking pink in my world.

I spent yesterday cutting  out dresses but couldn't finish as I hadn't  
any denim  ready to cut. 8  metres of denim off the roll and into the  
washing machine but of course not a hint of sunshine today so it's  
sitting damply outside in the fog! Grrr.

I want to make a new type of bib as I found some cheap baby forks and  
spoons and want to make a bib with pockets for cutlery. I am toying with  
the idea of using some of my stash of jeans for these bibs I might get  
somewhere before the weekend with those. I am off to sew up some  
reversible pinafore dresses now.

Now who do I see about that extra day in the week?

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Sewing and Mending
Should be sewing, but haven't.  DH's birthday is this week, so will get  
back to the fabric and shears next week, it looks like.  Need to make both of
us some more pants and shirts, and at least one jacket for me, and a raincoat for him...


Re: Sewing and Mending

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Oh, everybody is sewing! My new class will start on 28. Jan, so until then,
I'm in some kind of hiatus.

I made a top with taped seams that I had intended to be something of a
working garment, but it turned out rather posh, due to the pink linen I used
for the facings and tapes. I had meant it to be a reversible garment but
now... ;-) The neckline is a bit too low, and I'm still not sure how to mend
that fault. I guess it's also for cold weather, with something underneath.
On the picture here: you  
can see me wearing it at our sewing class' Christmas dinner.

Before Christmas, or rather during the autumn up to Christmas, I had made a
pair of pants for me, from some poly suiting, light grey. The fit to a
treat, and I'll try and upload some pics for you. Also, from the same
fabric, I made a top, sort of like a waistcoat or what ever. You'll see on
the pics. and

Since DD was running out of fitting long-sleeved t-shirts, I bought a
considerable amount of lycra-cotton blend fabric in various pleasing
designs, adapted a pattern to DD's special physiognomy (wide shoulders,
sturdy, rather short arms), and started - uh, I think it was 6, of which I
only finished one. The other ones are waiting for a neckline design, and my
access to the coverlock machine of Monika, the Teacher. Sleeves will be
hand-finished, since I can let them out more easily that way.

Then I bought black fabric for two pairs of jogging pants (homewear for me)
which I plan to cut after the pants pattern. I guess that can easily be
modified from 'with zipper' to 'without'.

Also, I want to make new curtains and drapes for our bedroom. Fabric is
here, only I don't get round to it. Again, I'll upload pics of the fabric.
IKEA, but very nice.

And I'm sure (or not) I mentioned that we were about to rearrange things in
our house so that I get a permanent workplace in the bedroom. I had planned
to use the table I have up here in the attic but although it look feasible
on paper, I can't bring myself to execute it in reality; it would clog up
the entire bedroom since it is too deep. However, my DH gave his OK for a
simple worktop and feet from IKEA, which will amount to less than 100.- EUR.
I only hope the legs will withstand the vibrations of the SM. You know that
(or perhaps not): you go at a certain pace with your machine, not too fast,
so you have things in control, and all of a sudden the entire table starts
swinging in time with the machine. Individual frequency, you know... I'm
trying to get DH to take me to 'The Swede' to get things this week.

We also got a new carpet for our living room, quite colourful, and from -
yes, you know. ;-) When
I find the time and the light is right (and the shelves behind the sofa
sorted and cleaned, I'll take a picture of that, too. I feel like changing a
lot of things. My GP found out that I'm slightly diabetic, and now I'm in
treatment for that, and I have a very good feeling about the specialist.
Nobody blaming me for being overweight but acknowledging that I might have
an eating disorder. I have been feeling so depressed lately, and I fear it
must be put down to my BP meds, so I skip the betablocker from the cocktail
and wait what happens.

Ah well, DD is quite a handfull these days, defiant and angry very often,
but we'll try to cope with that, too. I'm sure that I'll do much better once
the effects of the betablocker has worn off.

That's me, and what I' up to these days. And I have more plans and fabric
than time and energy to sew, just as usual. ;-)


Re: Sewing and Mending
Hi U, About your SM vibrating ---- I put 2  mouse pads under my SM, side by  
side,  and they take care of most of the movement and noise!  Maybe it will  
work for you, too.  I use them under the SM and over lock machine.  I've  
looked at ready to wear low necklines and notice that a lot use a lace  
insert, or knit,  for modesty reasons, so you might think of doing something  
like that.  Just hem the top of the insert and place it under the low neck  
and stitch along the current sewing line to hold it in place.  I have a  
couple tops I need to do that to also.  Glad to hear your pink top turned  
out nice!  We have had illness so I haven't had much time to sew.
Barbara in Central Florida

Re: Sewing and Mending

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Ah, it's nothing that can be cured by mouse pads, 'm afraid. It's not so  
much a rattle but more like the movements a bridge would make if a company  
of soldiers would march over it in lock-step. Just as I said - individual  
frequency.  :-(

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Sorry for you illnesses; yes, I read... As for the top: I have a feeling  
that lace wouldn't be the right thing with the whole garment. I had thought  
about chiffon, but now that I sorted through my pics, I might use the pink  
jersey I had in mind for the very light, provocative nightgown. Only, I'd  
like to place whatever it will be between the outer fabric and the facing.  
You see - nothing that can be done in a jiffy. We'll see...


Re: Sewing and Mending
On Wed, 21 Jan 2015 15:49:20 +0100, "Ursula Schrader"

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I just pin a handkerchief around my neck.  Sometimes with a brooch,
sometimes with a pin that doesn't show much, always through the
garment underneath so that it doesn't shift around.

joy beeson at comcast dot net
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Re: Sewing and Mending

I forgot to upload the pic of the drape fabric:

And I did some embroidery over the summer, but haven't finished it yet: and
It's going to be a needle book for me. I embroidered one for DD, too, which  
isn't ready either, since I planned to mount them together. I had spent so  
much time looking at my needle book thing that I got a bit tired of it,  
especially, since I made the design as I went, if you know what I mean. I  
had so much embroidery thread and wanted to make something 'really creative'  
Now that I looked at it again, I might pick it up again tonight. ;-)


Re: Sewing and Mending
On 1/21/2015 9:16 AM, Ursula Schrader wrote:
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You  have  been a busy lady.
The top you had on at the dinner is beautiful,I hope you get a lot of  
use from it.Love the drape fabric. Bright and cheerful.
My sewing has been at a standstill, lots of starts not much finished.  
The winter had been busy and not always the best. I'm on the second bout  
of bronchitis in 6 weeks. DH said I'm trying to do to many things at  
once. Between Thanksgiving ad the past weekend I've given 3 parties,  
been away for 7 days over Christmas, and the bronchitis. I'm trying to  
get more rest but find it difficult to stop sometimes.
We just took our Christmas tree down today.
i started reorganizing my sewing room this week. I bought the storage  
unit I wanted last Friday and I'm working on it a little at a time.
I have my projects in order and hope to start sewing next week. I still  
have infinity scarves to finish, 5 are cut and I need to cut 4 more.They  
go fast though.
My youngest grandson asked me to make him a new fleece scarf. I'll order  
the fabric this weekend and also make a couple of throw pillows
for his room out of the same fleece. He asked for the LA clippers  
design. Anything for my grands.
I'm  looking forward to making some tunic tops that will get me through  
most of the year. Some will have long sleeves and some short. I also  
have a couple of skirts planned.

Re: Sewing and Mending
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To help stop that, try to put the machine over the legs as much as possible, rather than  
in the middle of the table.  That way the tabletop doesn't act like a drum and amplify  
the problem.  Sandbags or other weights can also help dampen the effect, as can an anti-
vibration pad.

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Low neck solution, was Re: Sewing and Mending
On 22/01/2015 12:51 AM, Ursula Schrader wrote:

  The neckline is a bit too low, and I'm still not sure how to
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Make a thingo that I use for necks that are too low.  To mak eit, find a  
small piece of fabric.  Cut out a shape that looks like it would be  
aobut the size of half an entree plate or half the size of a bread and  
butter plate.

The rounded side (which isn't seen because it's inside the top and below  
the neckline) is just finished with a rolled hem or just an overlocker  
run around the curve.  The straight top side which is seen because it's  
above the too low neckline is finished with lace or some pin tucks or  
whatever takes your fancy.  at the extreme edges where the curve side  
meets the  straight side. put  a piece of elastic and press studs.  The  
elastic goes round your bra strap on each side and is held in place by  
the press studs.

Low neck problem solved without any excess fabric and you can colour  
co-ordinate the thingo to the item you are wearing.

Re: Low neck solution, was Re: Sewing and Mending

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Clever solution , I shall note that one .thank you.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Low neck solution, was Re: Sewing and Mending
Glad you got the problem solved!
Barbara in FL

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