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I don't know why I have never used them before, but I have just realised
that I don't put a label in the items I make and sell on my stall. I am
just off to "google"  and have a look at what is out there. I would
apreciate any personal recomendations that you can make and if you know
any good deals. I don't mind mail order as I think the likleyhood of
finding anything in my area is very small.
Thanks in advance.
Claire in Montréal France

Re: Sewing labels
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I've had some woven labels made here: good service and quality, imo. /


Re: Sewing labels
Kay Lancaster a écrit :
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Thank You Kay I will have a look at those when I get more than 5 mins to
myself. i am off fabric shopping this morning, still hunting down that
elusive Basque fabric!!

Claire in Montréal France

Re: Sewing labels
claireowen wrote:
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I have only used this company for name tapes for the children, but they
do a whole range of different styles for almost anything.  The nametapes
have stood up well to the washing and wear that school uniforms get. /


Re: Sewing labels
Lizzy Taylor a écrit :
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Thank you both. I have had a long look and have ordered from this firm

The price seems right and the postage is the same for the whole of
Europe for once.
I was pleased with my fabric trip this morning I managed to get some
stripped fabric which while it isn't the Basque fabric was after is a
very good  fake/ generic look, and much cheaper than I was quoted by the
one company that deigned to answer my query. Mind they are still
deciding if my items are suitable for their fabric before they deign to
sell me ant!!! I want it to make shoulder bags, while I was there I got
some good plain red, orange and fuchsia pink for lining the bags and
some much needed iron on vieleene( sigh of relief) now it the making!!

Claire in Montréal France

Re: Sewing labels
Here in the USA I can purchase iron on paper used in making t-shirts.  I use
this 'paper' to print out many labels per sheet using my computer, cut them
apart and iron them onto the finished garments or, when that is not practical, a
length of grosgrain ribbon that can be sewn to the garment.

Yes, I am a semi-professional seamstress in that I earn part of my income
sewing.  Sounds like you are also.  Evenctually there will be a web sight of
absolutely no use to all of you fine seamstress and tailors here. LOL  Well
maybe some use if I ever create the pattern books the husband claims I should
write.  I don't just sew.  I also make simple jewelry, leather work, polyclay
items, feather items.  Come autumn, there should also be dried herbs available
for sale, if the deer don't eat them all first.  The goats and the deer usually
eat any thing I plant.  The web site has only been under construction for about
three years.  I have too much fun selling face to face to complete the web site
which would steal what little social interaction I have.

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Re: Sewing labels
Just ordered me up a P-Touch label maker, the kind that USB's to a
computer so it can use any fonts. I think there's a fabric label
option...will post my findings.

--Karen D.

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