Sewing machine for medium to heavy leather?

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I am a relatively new to sewing but want to sew some leather tool
holders( a prototype for my brother.) I have a basic sewing machine (
Baby Lock Denium Pro) but if I wanted one that could do very heavy
materials such as leather, where and what would I look for? I would
like to purchase used but what should I look for in a machine that does
heavy material and what would be a ballpark of a price I should expect
to pay. I have read other posts about the type of needles, etc  but I
assume the job would be easiest with a commercial machine(if that is
what you would call it.) I also want to repair horse blankets so it
would get some use.

Re: Sewing machine for medium to heavy leather? wrote:
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You'll need a proper leather sewing machine.  Look on ebay - but NOT at
the things touted as 'industrial strength'.  Those are a scam: ordinary
domestic machines written up as if they were capable of more, and with
'samples' I suspect are not made by the machine they are shown with.
You need the sort of machine used for sewing luggage.

Remember that not all industrial machines will do this: most are built
for speed piecing clothing, and you need something for heavy duty work.
  I have no idea what you will pay for it, having no interest in that
type of machine, but ebay will give you an idea of what they go for.

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Re: Sewing machine for medium to heavy leather? wrote:
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You maybe able to do the job with an older secondhand machine.  I have
a wonderful old Singer from the 1940's-1950's.  It does plain stitch
and that's it.  But the big thing about it is it is strong.  It happily
sews through vynyl, multilayer canvas and I suspect, if I had any,
Since it is so heavy to move I hardly use it any more but when I have
heavy duty materials to sew out it comes.  Now way would I get rid of
it even if my somewhat newer machine can do zigzag etc and is better
with the lighter weight fabrics.
Try secondhand shops, you may be able to get one or ask older relatives
and friends who may have one if you can borrow.

Liz w

Re: Sewing machine for medium to heavy leather?
You can buy many tool belts for the cost of the machine to do the work your
looking into.
You will want a compound feed walking foot industrial machine, then there
are considerations. They are designed for specific thickness of material.
The least expensive and easiest to find will sew up to 3/8 inch with the
proper needle. I suspect that should be adequate for the tool belts at least
the ones I have seen, also good for the Horse blankets.
You can look to spend from about $1250.00 up for a new machine like that
probably $700.00-$1,000.00 for a good used one.
Be wary of used ones, these are likely in a bad state if repair. Usually
these are held onto until they are costing more money to keep them up than
they are worth.

Ron Anderson
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Re: Sewing machine for medium to heavy leather?
On 30 Jan 2006 18:50:44 -0800, wrote:

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Look for a Singer 31 15 or a 115. I use both to sew leather up to and
including belt leather.  Stay away ---- Far Far away from anyone on
E-Bay who is selling Semi Industrial or Industrial Strength machines.
They are just ordinary machines with this label.  A good 31 15 or 115
will get you through leather of a moderate thickness.  My 115 was used
for putting the double soles on moose hide moccasins....a fairly soft
leather, but I have also applied crepe soles with it too.  The Singer
31 15 IS an industrial machine----older and often found in a treadle
base.  I got mine for $75.00 with  a roller foot in a motorized
treadle base.  It has done everything from regalia out of deer hides
to fixing the halters/reins and racing tack for a friends horses.  I
can use both the treadle OR the industrial motor as they are both
there.  There are several other incarnations of the 31 series, most
are small industrials.  Try looking at closing repair shops or
upholsters often they will have something in the back room for sale.
Also shoe repair places, or small clothing manufacturers that are
going out of business.  Check the Free cycle ads, on line classifieds
in your area etc.  Get talking to the tailors and alterations people
in you town....that is how I got mine.
Here is a link to the various 31's.

Re: Sewing machine for medium to heavy leather?
Where do you get the best deals on leather? Locally or on-line?  This
is just something I want to play with so for under a few hundred or
less, I would be very happy. Thanks for the help.

Re: Sewing machine for medium to heavy leather? wrote:
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I can't buy leather locally in any quantity, other than the little
swatches that come with craft kits.

Just Leather and Brettun's Village offer good prices and free shipping. / /

If you're not sure exactly what to ask for, scan through the customer
project gallery and/or links until you find something similar to what
you're trying to make.  Both vendors are very good about answering
e-mails and if you send them a link to photo or page, they'll be able to
tell you what type, temper and weight you'll need for your project.


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