Silk duponi problem

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I've just acquired (via eBay) a lovely piece of silk duponi to use in making
sachets, and I've never worked with this fabric in the past.  It frays like
mad.  I've considered using Fray Check, yet I'm put off by product reviews
which suggest that it deposits a plastic film on the fabric ends.

I'd like to know if it would be best to use pinking shears to cut out the
small pieces of fabric, and if so, would I need to widen the cutting area by
a given amount to ensure the cut pieces aren't rendered smaller than my
pattern?  On the other hand, is Fray Check the better choice?

Betty in Georgia

Re: Silk duponi problem
Betty Vereen Hill wrote:
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With fabrics like this I just stay-stitch the edges as soon as I cut out
the pieces.

Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.

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Re: Silk duponi problem
Dear Betty,

Since you're making sachets, all edges will be permanently enclosed,
so no finishing is necessary.  Another thought.  You could make your
own fringe, taking advantage of the fraying.  To make fringe, decide
how wide you want the finished fringe to be.  Double that number, and
add 3/8 inch.  Sew a line of stitching along both sides the finished
width you want the fringe to be.  Pull out the threads, one at a time,
up to the stitching.  Fold over in center of the fringed edges and
sew.  You will have a 3/16 folded edge to enclosed in your project,
and lovely, matching fringe all around your sachets.  A piped edge on
sachets is another easy, beautiful finish.

A few years ago, I was costuming a re-enactment group where every seam
had fringe in it.  I made miles of.  Never figured out what use I
could make of the strings I pulled out, so they got tossed.

I use dupioni all the time for my intricate doll costumes.  I simply
line everything.


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