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I just recently bought the chain stitch attachment. I have downloaded the i
nstruction guide. I don't understand the directions under the "sewing a cha
in stitch seam" section. Its tells me to put needle to position c. (That do
esnt work because it moves the needle to the right.) And stitch width at 1  
. And length at 10 or 12 only. When I set my machine at those settings it w
on't work. The footplate blocks the needle. I have the assembly parts in it
 the right way because I can do a nice chainstich normally. But I wanted to
 know what the chainstich seam does.

Re: singer 600 chainstitch
On Sat, 5 Oct 2013 21:08:46 -0700 (PDT), Jerry Van Meter

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Years back I had a Singer that could do the chain stitch, I am working from
memory now.  I didn't use the chain stitch much, but I think I had to change the
footplate to use the chain stitch.  It may have been the same footplate that
machine used for button hole work.  I used chain stitch for temporary seams
before fitting the garment to the person.  This made it easy to remove unneeded
seam lines.  Where the seam lines were correct I often just sewed over the chain
stitch.  While chain stitch was once used commercially for inexpensive lines of
clothing it did not wear well.  One break in the thread and a whole seam could
pull out.

Re: singer 600 chainstitch
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Ther are many 6xx series machine models.

If you have a 6xx series machine with NO built-in sewing patterns, like the  
648 model, then the "C" would mean the Center needle position. The C setting  
on the models with builtin sew patterns would push the needle off to the  
right of center.  You appear to have the later.

I have many Singer 600 series T&S  machines and several original Singer  
manuals. The earliest 1964 - 600E does not mention chainstitching at all .  
That has a separate Singer  "Chainstitching for T&S" accessory  book .

Bk "Chainstitching for T&S" says  :  straight stitch setting ,  center  
needle,    Stitch Length 8 -12
Bk "648 manual" says :  Needle Position C,  Stitch Width 1 , Stitch Length  
10 -12
Bk "635 manual" says :  Stitch  Pattern AK,  Stitch Width 3 , Stitch Length  
8 -12

I'm no sewing pro but it seems the one great benefits of chainstitching is  
no bobbin thread...
I've used for creating long stretches of non-critical stitches for piping,  
edge finishes on sheets and drapes/curtains, parallel embellishing stitches  


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