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Re: sort of OT

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  Yep  -  you're welcome - as everyone else is  -
it's an open forum for sewing-related topics.
... no moderator.
   John T.

Re: sort of OT
It is not personal.  It is just how things have evolved, revolved,  
devolved... something. If I go to Google or WebCrawler or somewhere - the  
latest on how to apply grommets - they're not 'people' , they're a place.  
Or are they? And a 'thank you' ?  Where would you send one?  Communication  
has changed so fast for this great-grandma I probably miss some nuance of  
good manners.  But.  I am grateful and profoundly helped by your help here.  
I thank you.  Polly

Re: sort of OT
On 10/29/2013 1:05 AM, Polly Esther wrote:
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Thank you Polly,
I was frustrated by the lack of what, I felt ,
is a case of being an appropriate response when help is attempted, an  
invitation is extended and the feedback is nil.We all try to help those  
who come here and all we really ask is that you stay and share your  
knowledge with us. I said in an early post I'm not looking f or personal  
thanks, I'm looking to see this group continue to give help when needed.

Re: sort of OT
Le 28/10/2013 00:16, Juno a écrit :
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As a sort of cross between a Lurker and a poster I do kind of get what  
you mean Juno. It's irritating not to know if the person who asked the  
question tried out  the advice , did it work? was something else done  
instead ? it's how we all learn after all.

Living in the middle of nowhere in  what practically counts as a sewing  
desert , my stash is probably bigger than the local fabric stores meagre  
offering, I am very grateful for my virtual sewing friends here on  

I do remember that someone many years ago  posted a thought that this is  
like a great big coffee morning  spreading worldwide. They meant it in  
an admonition to people who burst in ask a question and rush out again,  
whereas as most of us who are already at the coffee morning sitting  
chatting (already following the group) would like the new person to come  
on in, introduce themselves and pull up a chair before demanding answers  
to their problems.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: sort of OT
On 10/29/2013 2:15 AM, Claire in France wrote:
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Clare I appreciate you kind and there thoughtful words. You said it much  
better than I did.
You are far from a lurker. You post as  most of us do, when you have  
something to ask ,add or show us what you've been up to or tell us what  
you are doing or planning. That's being a good poster.

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