State Fair pictures for non-JAVA

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   If you are not seeing the buttons, my husband figures it is because
he cofigured those buttons with Java script and that your computer
doesn't support it.  So, he will remedy that this evening (hopefully)
with something else, but in the meantime, here is the main State Fair
page.  You should be able to click on any of the pictures to link to
the additional pages highlighting the featured category. snipped-for-privacy@sbcglobal.netstatefair3.html
My favorites are:
the "Scarlett" page
the Doll Wardrobe page- features Scarlett gowns & Shirley Temple for
American Girl
the General Sewing page- features 1903 corset, Gidget nightie, Santa
Vacumm Cover
Creative Hobby Craft page - features exquisite black tutu, goose egg
jewelry box,  pincushion doll, papermache dress form and more
Formal wear page - features renaissance wedding gown

Re: State Fair pictures for non-JAVA
  Joy, still cannot en-Joy what others have been praising.
 <theatrical sigh>

Re: State Fair pictures for non-JAVA
    What do you get?  Anything?  Val e-mailed me the actual page that
she gets - showing no buttons.  So we deduced that since the buttons
were the only thing she wasn't getting - thus making it impossible for
her to access any of the pages - that her computer wasn't Java
enabled.  Doesn't anything come up?  Maybe I can get you there through
a back door.  Or, the personal invite to my home is always open to you

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Re: State Fair pictures for non-JAVA

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Have you checked your settings? Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools >
Internet Options > Security. Once there, highlight Internet and click on
Custom. Scroll down to Microsoft VM and check your "Java permissions" (I
keep mine on High safety) to make use it is enabled. Then scroll down some
more to Scripting. Make sure "Active Scripting" and "Scripting of Java
applets" are enabled. Once done, click "OK" all the way out and restart IE.
See if that helps...
Beth P
(In Las Vegas, but missing Georgia)

Re: State Fair pictures for non-JAVA
FYI - with the new link all I see is the standard, this page cannot be
displayed.  With the old link, I was able to see the 'home' page, but the
applet would never load to allow me to see the other pictures.  Hopes this
helps you understand what is happening.

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