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I am letting out a stitch witchery hem.  how do i get the glue off of
the pants?  any suggestions?

Re: stitch witchery
Try a little "Goof Off". Try on an inconspicuous spot top be sure it will
not damage the fabric first.

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Re: stitch witchery

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Heat your iron to cotton, or as hot as the material will allow. Take
clean piece of white terry towel and place over the area, apply the iron
for ten seconds, then lift. The residue should come up onto the cloth.
Move the cloth to a clean section and repeat until all or as much of the
stitch witchery is removed.

Stitch Witchery is designed to be a permanent thermoplastic bond, so you
may be able to remove all the residue via the heat method. You can try
the other poster's response of using "Goo-Gone" or another solvent, but
make sure to test on a small hidden area of the fabric first.


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