Tailor Professional machine help needed

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I will need some help with using this machine. I am new at sewing. How do
I thread the machine? Its a tailor professional Model 814. How mcuh does
servicing usually cost? Please help. My email is satin snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com


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Re: Tailor Professional machine help needed

When you got the machine, a manual should have been included.  It will give
the directions for threading both the needles and bobbin, and other
pertinent "need to know" facts.

If it is not available, check the manufacturer's website to find more
information, plus there are other online sites that sell manuals.

I have sewn for almost 70-years and used many machines, but I don't
recognize the name of yours, sorry I can't help you.


Re: Tailor Professional machine help needed

"satin33" wrote:

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This is not e-mail, please read replies here on Usenet.

You may find a manual here:

How much does "automobile service usually cost"?

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