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Out of a sudden my machine started bunching the thread on the bottom
of the fabric (it should be lower top thread tension) but when I
adjust the tension it doesnt solve the problem.
Another problem is that when sewing the needle seems to bump into
something inside and makes a loud noise at the same time breaking the
I ahve no clue what's wrong and since the machine is only a few months
old and just started doing this now (I have barely used it) I am at a
loss in identifying the problem.

Any tips on what I should do??


Re: Thread problems
What kind of machine is it?  Is it possible you've broken a needle and a
bit of it is inside?  I'd change the needle, and clean around the bobbin
area and under the needle plate to make sure there are no stray bits

Thread nests under the machine means a problem with the upper threading,
so I suggest  you totally re-thread the machine.  When this happens on
my Viking it's because the thread has come out of the take up lever, but
the problem is the take up lever is almost hidden from view so it's hard
to see this has happened.

On my older machines, when this happens, it is also because of a upper
threading issue  -- thread got wrapped around thread spool, or it
wrapped around the needle -- that sometimes isn't obviously apparent.  I
just re-thread to insure it's the way it's supposed to do.



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Re: Thread problems
FayeC wrote:
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Unthread the needle, right back to the spool, and re-thread it. Check the
thread path. Make sure it hasn't jumped out of one of the guides. In
particular, make sure it's where it should be in the take-up lever.

That usually does it for my machine.

Sally Holmes
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Re: Thread problems

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Also make sure there's nothing stuck between the tension discs.


Re: Thread problems
Also, you may need a bigger number needle.  Sounds like you need at least a
#14 or maybe even a #1 6 to sew through thicker fabrics.  You might want to
read through a basic sewing book on the needle sizes to use with different
kinds of fabric.
Barbara in SC
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