Uggggly wedding dresses!

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[Warning: put down the coffee/leaky iron before opening any of the


--Karen D.

So...who out there saw a dress of any kind(wedding gown, bridesmaid
dress, MOB dress or flower girl dress) that just made your jaw drop in

Here's my picks of the most hideous I've seen so far:

***Ugly wedding dresses***

Makes the model look twenty pounds heavier. Very unflattering cut.
Who wants THAT on their butt?
Asymmetrical lace nightmare!
WTF kind of bride bares her midsection at her wedding?
Another ugly cut.
I can see this emphasizing the torso, but the skirt doesn't match the
rest of the gown.
This bride looks like she's her own cake.
The skirt looks like it was in a suitcase for weeks and wasn't ironed
before the bride put it on.
And what is the point of that fabric at the hip? It looks like
something tore rather than a decoration.
Same as above, only worse.
Another crinkly gown.
The bride will get mistaken for a bridesmaid in this.
That'd make any bride's ears itch!
Who wants a gown that makes their butt look huge?
Unattractive skirt folds.
Incomplete or falling apart?

***Ugly bridesmaid dresses***
Is that a dress or a towel?
Which boob will pop out first?
The sleeves look like a cake decoration.
And straps that tie in the shoulders should stop when you grow beyond
three years old. And that skirt? Ew. Too much going on.
Um.....that skirt looks a lot like female genitalia.
Dorky skirt.

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