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I've been away from the group for a while while spending much time on
eBay watching the auctions for Viking #1+ machines. And would you
believe, our local dealer got one in as a trade in. He listed it for
about the same price as they have been going for on eBay, but with the
advantage of a 1 year guarantee and some lessons. Then DH  got it for
me for Mother's Day. Haven't stopped doing the happy dance since.
Love, love, love it!!

I hope there are some Viking #1+ owners in the group that can
give me some advice.  The dealer showed me the buttonhole function and
told me that the measurement setting goes according to the Line number
on the back of the button cards. I can't remember ever seeing such a
number, so yesterday I went out looking while I was buying some scrap
fabric for practising. Sure enough, I can't find any line numbers on
button cards, only millimeter lengths. So I ask you Viking experts, is
that the number to go by - how many millimeters the button measures?

Thanks for any advice. Gotta fly now!  Errrr, make that ' gotta sew'.
 tappety tap tap tap

Re: Used Viking #1+ Questions

Seeker wrote:

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   I replied over on alt.mach-emb.  I read mach-emb sometimes but
alt.sewing more often.  I would be happy to answer questions about using
the 1+.  I had one.  It was fun.  Loved it.  Used it to embroider.  Had
the Ultimate Box as the reader/writer.  Still have the Ultimate Box as a
matter of fact but no longer have the 1+.  You don't have to use the
Viking software and hardware to get things into the 1+.  There are
cheaper after market alternatives.  I now have a Designer 1 and I had to
buy the software for that one.  I heard recently that there is now a
cheap way to write floppies for it but water over the dam for me.
   The 1+ is a fun machine and has a ton of possibilities.  There is a
1+ list on Yahoo.  You can get great information there.  See also Jan
Hennings site  Her tips page is VERY useful.
  She also sells videos.  I have heard great things about them and I may
just get myself one someday.  I think she moderates the Yahoo 1+ group.
  Very helpful lady.
   Go read my post over on alt.mach-embroidery and send out a call if
you have any other questions.  You can definitely use the 1+ for
embroidery with a few after market products for a lot less than $700.
   Enjoy that new machine!

Marilyn in MN

Re: Used Viking #1+ Questions

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Woah....DeJaVu.... I just picked up a used Viking 1+ two months ago that
was a trade in! I, too, got a one year warranty and free lessons
(scheduled for this Friday, all day - can't wait). =20

I absolutely LOVE the machine. It is so precise, and the designs are
wonderful.  I love using the memory features.  It can do so many things,
but most of the functions I have not used, including the button

You are welcome to email me directly if you have any questions, I'll do
my best to answer. =20

There's a YAHOO group devoted to these machines, the list owner is the
best.  The site is: /


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.=20
--Mae West=20

Re: Used Viking #1+ Questions

Seeker wrote:
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Congratulations on your new machine! I have a #1, aka 1200, and I love it.

I assume you're using the buttonhole sensor foot? The number to go by is
indeed the diameter of the button in millimetres, but you need to try it out
on a piece of scrap fabric as some buttons are thicker than others.

BTW, if you sew heirloom garments, you can get a lovely little buttonhole
that looks hand-sewn by using the double-needle button with buttonhole 47 on
the A card. Also, I use extra stiffening for buttonholes - stitch-and-tear,
a couple of layers of washaway, or lots and lots of spray starch.


Sally Holmes
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

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