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I would like to use velcro in some closings I am doing. But I do not
want to sew them on. It makes a mess out of my needles on my machines.
Are there any other options for attaching this stuff. I thought about
using a permanent glue, etc.

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Some Velcro is self adhesive but I've never found it 100% satisfactory, it
peels off from the corners and won't stick again.

I sew it on by hand, hemming along the untextured edges, using a thimble.
It's not easy but it works.


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   If the velcro you use messes up your needle then you are likely using
the type with an adhesive on the back.  This type of velcro is NOT meant
to be sewn on.  You need to find the type that is NOT adhesive backed.
If that's not available to you, then you need to do as Mary Fisher and
sew the adhesive backed stuff on by hand.  It's a P.I.T.A. but doable.
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You need sew on velcro.  Sew on velcro will not gum up needles.  Velcro with
adhesive on the back WILL gum up needles.  Try here: The Snag Free, Soft and Flexible and
3/4" Sew-On would all be fine for sewing.  

Self adhesive velcro is fine for sticking things to hard surfaces.  But it
isn't worth using on garment or handbag sewing at all.  The adhesive will
come off in the washing machine.  And who knows what it will stick to when
it comes loose!  Icky!!

You don't mean you are breaking needles do you? That can happen too if you
are not using a heavy enough needle or if you are pulling the velcro and
the fabric through the machine.  If you are pulling on it, you will pull
the needle out of alignment and break it against the throat plate.  If
that's the mess you are getting, use a heavier weight needle and stick to
the edge of the velcro. (the little lip that doesn't have hooks or loops on


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Re: velcro
The First Ladies had written this in response to  :
Hi, I am new to sewing but have already felt the horror of trying to sew
through velcro!
I just made a coat for my puppy and used some iron on velcro that I found.
 I had to iron it on to a thinner fabric (coat is made out of fleece), and
then stitched the fabric onto the fleece.  It is working great, so far!
Good luck!

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Re: velcro
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It's not obvious from the above messages, but there is velcro that is
made to be sewn on. It does not have the glue that gums up needles,
etc., and it sews on  relatively easily.


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