Waistband for satin skirt

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I've made a couple of skirts, but this time I decided to do
one in satin (the local fabric store had a good price on
some polyester satin), and I'm running into a problem
with the waistband.

Normally, to keep the skirt up, the waistband has to be
fairly tight.  I usually either use a stiff elastic stretched
fairl far out, or else a belt or nylon webbing.
However, this makes the waistband sort of wrinkly,
and I didn't think this would look good in satin,
so I decided to do an elastic "inner waistband" to
keep the skirt up and an"outer waistband," with
the satin on the outside, to cover up the working parts.
The outer waistband is loose (but not _too_ loose)
and has interfacing;both waistbands are attached
to the skirt at the bottom.

However, when it's not actually being worn, the elastic
in the inner waistband makes the outer waistband and
the skirt crumple up.

Any suggestions as to how to make the inner waistband
good and tight (but adjustable), but not want to shrink to
2/3 its "in-use" size?

Re: Waistband for satin skirt
AMM wrote:
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Could you use buttonhole elastic in a casing on the inner waistband and
undo it for storage and adjust it to fit for wearing?


NAYY just a site that shows what I'm talking about as a picture is
apparently worth a thousand words :)


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