Where to buy Babylock?

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My wife wants a "babylock" for mothers day and she just might get one. Is
there a good store that anyone would recommend? I'm near Albany, Oregon, but
I go to Portland several times a week.

Oh, and any advice - what to look for, what to avoid?

Re: Where to buy Babylock?
Zootal wrote:
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Does she want a babylock sewing machine, embroidery machine,
embellisher, or serger/overlocker?

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Re: Where to buy Babylock?

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Sorry :)   serger/overlocker...

Re: Where to buy Babylock?
Go to the babylock site www.babylock.com, enter your zip code and the dealer
for your area or more if there is more than one will be listed. You will not
get many places as they have territories.

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Re: Where to buy Babylock?
What does it take to be a babylock dealer? Are there certain standards
the shop has to meet, etc.? I've had not-so-good experiences with mom
and pop sewing machine/vacuum cleaner shops, and once had a nice Elna
overlock ruined. Because of that I tend to avoid them.

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Re: Where to buy Babylock?

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You would only need an open territory and enough cash to purchase 2 of each
machine in their line up to start. Along with a store front, good credit
rating and approval from the Babylock gods.  It also helps to have some
experience in sales, business management and sewing machine repairs if you
wish to be successful in a market on the edge of collapse.

Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine
18 Dingman Rd Sand Lake, NY 12153
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Re: Where to buy Babylock?
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Zootal wrote:

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IMO, depending on how you do things in your home.........
I recommend that you go to the Babylock dealer, get a very,very brief
explanation of the features of the "jet air threading" sergers along with
pricing and brochures. Be sure to ask about the "Gold Standard Warranty"
with 3 years of bumper-to-bumper coverage. Ask to look at an additional
thread-by-thread, needle-by-needle workbook. Would recommend that this be
purchased with whatever machine is chosen...the workbooks are machine
specific. The workbook is expensive but will save a lot of frustration.
choose a small selection of quality serger threads while you are at the
dealer. Present a basket with threads, brochures and a card explaining your
intention to free up her time to choose the machine with the features that
she will need and will ultimately use.

Purchased the top of the line BL serger last November and think I
overbought. That being said, they hold their value very well and I could
sell it on ebay for nearly what I paid for it if I chose to downgrade.
Additionally, I purchased to replace the top of the line serger that I
bought 25 years ago from the dealer, half priced since it was used and I
could have sold it for 25 to 30% of its original price had I not sent it to
a relative who is thrilled.  Even purchasing top of the line, you will not
lose on your investment.

In investigating the Viking 936 versus Babylock, found in the test runs
the Viking dealer yelled in my ear non-stop and had a messy cramped
classroom area; whereas the Babylock dealer was pleasant, patient and had a
dedicated windowed classroom with computer support for each of the
participants; should they need it for embroidery classes. The purchase is
about the supporting dealer as well as the machine.

I was able to elicit pricing information from five dealers to present to my
preferred local dealer to obtain the best pricing.

You could sneak a peak at the Babylock website to look at the jet-air
threading sergers to get a better idea of why a test drive might be a good
idea. Given the lifespan of a quality serger, buying up as the budget
permits is not a bad investment.

Not a salesperson here, been sewing for 37 years: clothing, draperies,
camper repairs, hiking straps and duffels for my sailing brother,
upholstery, kites...
You name it, I've sewn it. I also purchased a new sewing machine after 25
years of using a Pfaff that was originally $1,200 new. Although I am
it, I could sell it today for nearly half of its original price. Buying a
quality sewing/serging product pays off in the long run.

Good luck, bet you get extra kisses for this.

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Re: Where to buy Babylock?

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Thanks for input :-). We used to have a White, but she really hated it, and
after many hours of frustration she put it back in the box and refused to
use it anymore. Before that she had a nice Elna, but it jammed and the
timing got thrown off, and we could not find anyone in Las Vegas that could
fix it. And this was a few weeks before the wedding, but that is another

Two days ago I walked into the Babylock Dealer in Portland, and asked the sp
to show me what they had. He promptly sat down at an Imagine and ran 4
different types of material through it - something real thick, something
thin, something stretchy, and something else. It put a *perfect* stitch on
all of them! No threading, no tension adjusting, it just quietly sewed them
all perfectly. So today I walk back into the store with wife in tow and
asked the gentleman to put on the same show for my wife. 10 minutes later my
wife became the proud new owner of a Babylock Imagine :-)

We did get the Gold Standard warranty - a bit spendy, but it also gives us
20% discount on everything at the store, and a lifetime of free lessons.

And yeah, I got a few extra kisses :-P

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