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Okay so I will start another chat. . . . have you already started on
your Christmas Cards?  How many will you be sending out?  Will they be
elaborate or simple?  I personally send out almost 100 cards so I think
that I will go with simple, but what about you?

Hey SAD, can we show and tell on this group?

Inky Huggz,

Missy Olson
Ange #1754
North Branch, MN

Re: Christmas Cards
I make about 100 Christmas cards, all different.  All year long as I'm
stamping I stamp a few Christmas cards and usually have most of them
finished by November.  The fun thing is for me to go through them to see
what kind of stamping caught my eye during the year.   Then I get to choose
who gets which card too, also fun for me.


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Re: Christmas Cards
Wow...I'd have a hard time making the decision as to who got what card if I
made each one different.  It takes me long enough when I only have three of
four different designs to choose from.  LOL.


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Re: Christmas Cards
Well, it's really not that hard to choose who gets which card.  I make
sheets of label addresses for each of my friends/family and then as I hit
each address I choose a card usually based on something I know about them or
how I feel about the card I made.  For instance I have a friend that loves
poinsettias so every year she gets a card with poinsettias, my sister-in-law
collects Santas so she always gets one of those.  Friends that have moved to
warmer climates that miss the snow get snowmen cards.  I don't do a lot of
Christmas shopping instead I spend some time thinking about my friends and
picking cards for them.  For me it's a pleasant start for the Christmas
season, but I'm sure most people are a lot busier than I am.

Karen R. Brooks

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Re: Christmas Cards
I started my Christmas cards while on vacation this summer so have 30 of
them finished.  I make around 50 altogether so feel good about getting a
head start on them instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving when I'm busy
with other things.  I don't know why I didn't think of this before now.  We
go camping for a month in our RV every summer and this year I bought a Crop
in Style case, designed 3 different cards and took all the supplies with me.
Some of mine are simple and some are elegant.

Wish I knew the answer to your question about "show and tell" on this group.
I know there is someplace we can go to find out what the rules are but don't
know where it is.  I know people use to put web addresses in their posts so
they could show others what they had done so guess it's alright to do that.
If it's not ok someone will let us know.  LOL.


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Re: Christmas Cards

I sent about 50 cards out last year.  Last year I made about 6 or 7
designs.  This year if I make cards, I'll use about 3-5 designs.  I
usually make to and from address labels and all of one design at the
same time.  Then I put them in envelopes and address them.  Then I work
on the next design and do the same.

I'm not sure if I will make cards this year because I have an
appointment with a hand surgeon next week.    I may have to have
surgery for a couple of Dupuytren's contractures which will require up
to 6 months of recuperation.  GEE I'm really looking forward to that.
But if I do the designs will be simple.  One of the cards I made last
year too so long to put together it was a real pain.

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Re: Christmas Cards
Wow  Denise,

I would never ever try 6 to 7 different cards,  I know me I would have
a hard time picking which one for which person.  I firgure, it is
easier for me to do an assembly line stamping and I usually get my dh
to help assemble them, I mean we send to his family too right.  :o)

I usually try and kis (keep it simple) it so that I don't get bored
before I finish.  I am in the process right now of swapping out 30
different card fronts and me and my big mouth stated that if you joined
the swap I would make you a personal thank you card.  Well I am in the
process of tryinf to punch out 20 thank you cards right now.  Sometimes
I wonder about myself.  Oh well.

I wish you the best with your hands.  I know that I would be bummed if
I couldn't stamp when I wanted to.  Not that I stamp a lot, but just
the idea of it.  My dh has had those on his left hand and now they are
on his right and he is after right handed so he is trying to put it
off.  I will say a prayer for you to have a good doctor's appointment.

Now off to finish my thank yous and onto designing my christmas cards.
Argghhhhh not enough time sometimes.  :o)

Inky Huggz,

Missy Olson
Angel #1754
North Branch, MN

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