Ever try Tack and Peel?

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its for unmounted rubberstamps and can be used on acrylic or wood so im
looking for feedback..please let me know if yu have tried it..
Here is the site:

Re: Ever try Tack and Peel?
Not me, sorry, can't help!

I've missed being here!  I'm glad to see y'all kept things going while I was
on vacation!  :-)


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Re: Ever try Tack and Peel?

chatty cathy wrote:
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Hi Cathy,

Well no please remember that this is only MY opinion, however, I do not
like the Tack It.  I prefer the creative cling a.k.a ex mount cushion.
It is the same idea only does not make a mess out of everythig and I
mean everything.  I have used some with the Tack-It on them and
absolutely did not like them, the stickieness gets all over everything.
 I am kind of particular about my um stamps, which I LOVE, and I just
fell in love with the creative cling system.

Please remember this is only my opinion that is all.

Good luck.

Inky Huggz,

Missy Olson
Angel #1754
North Branch, MN

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