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Hi Everyone,

I've been on vacation for a month and returned to find my favorite newsgroup
full of loads of ideas.  I thought I'd clicked on one of my DH groups
accidentally.  What a nice surprise to come home to.

I should be washing clothes and cleaning out the RV but this is more fun.  I
found ideas for all those H20s I bought a couple years ago but haven't
opened plus a recipe for alcohol ink and lots of other ideas.  It's been a
couple years since this NG has seen this much action.  Lets try to keep it


Re: Shocked with active newsgroup
Wave Jumper wrote:
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Welcome back, Wave Jumper!

Where did you vacation?  Did you visit any cool local stamp shops (LSS?)
while you were out of town?

Lots of new faces around here, as I'm sure you've seen.  Or if not new,
then venturing out of lurkdom.  Take a moment to introduce yourself, if
you feel so inclined.

Also, there were recent posts regarding joining a card SWAP and an RAK
list.  If you want to participate in either but can't find the posted
info, drop me an email and I'll forward it to you.

Nice to have you jump in with us!

Re: Shocked with active newsgroup
Went to Washington and Oregon to windsurf.  DH did the windsurfing.  I took
along some card making supplies and made 8 cards to give to friends at the
RV park.   It sure is hard deciding what to tote along when space is

No LSS in that area but I did stop at Joann's one day.  I was disappointed
in the selection but it's just a small town called The Dalles in OR.  Guess
I'm spoiled because I live near a large town that had 3 large stamp stores
until last year when two of them closed.  We also have several large Joann'
etc's and Michaels.  I may have found something in Hood River OR but we only
went there a couple times so my DH could drool over all the windsurfing
"stuff" and buy-buy-buy.

Yes, I saw the posts about the card SWAP and RAK list.  Hope you get lots of
participants.  I'm leery about putting that kind of info on the internet.  I
taught my granddaughter not to give out any personal info and I follow the
same rules.  


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Re: Shocked with active newsgroup
I'm brand new to the group, and I'm so happy to have found you all when
the group is having an upswing.  I think it helps that Google is now
showing Usenet groups in it's Groups search.  I feel a lot more
comfortable looking at Usenet messages through my Firefox browser (with
all it's cool security extensions), than say, using Outlook Express.
My anti-virus caught a nasty worm from a Usenet message (not this
group), so I stayed away from Usenet for the past 4 months.  I'm happy
to see it's all picking up!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, and to all of the great
ideas we can all share. :)


Re: Shocked with active newsgroup wrote:

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Um, it always has. In fact, Google Groups was originally designed to show
nothing <em>but</em> Usenet groups, when it took over the database
originated by DejaVu


Pat Kight

Re: Shocked with active newsgroup
Hi and welcome to the newsgroup - not sure if you are in u.k or U.S or
neither. I myself am in the u.k & would like to say a big hello to you and
all the other stampers here!

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