The Carol Duvall Show ending this Fall?!?

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Dear Stampers and Crafters,

I just read a letter by Carol Duvall posted on the HGTV website that
indicates that The Carol Duvall Show will be ending this Fall:,1789,HGTV_3352_3039638,00.html

Though it appears several new shows have been taped, I am so sad and upset
to hear that the show will soon be taken off the air.  I responded to a
previous posting requesting that people to write to HGTV in support of the
show, by writing an e-mail to the programming exects at HGTV- but apparently
that didn't seem to help keep the show on the air.

I was wondering if anyone out there has any additional info about this.
Does anyone know where Carol Duvall will go from here?  Is there any way we
can convince another network to carry the show- and if so- which one?

I am so disheartened by this news.  I only recently got into paper crafting
and discovered the show (about 2 years ago).  I love everything about the
show, and I can't imagine anyone else taking her place.  Without her show, I
can't imagine crafting.  She does the best job explaining everything and
getting her guests to break down their projects into steps that are
understandable.  I have both HGTV and DIY and I watch her show three times a
day- which sometimes doesn't even seem like enough- I am a true fan.

Anyway, I wonder if there are other fans out there who know what we can do
to help keep Carol Duvall on TV.

Doreen (from NYC)

Re: The Carol Duvall Show ending this Fall?!?
Jolly Green Stamper wrote:

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 From the letter, it sounds as if Ms. Duvall is ending the show
voluntarily, and looking forward to other adventures. It seems to me that
her fans ought to respect that. Would you appreciate being pressured to
remain in a job you'd grown tired of?

If crafters are as big a part of the HGTV demographic as it seems, then I'm
sure the network will come up with other shows and other interesting hosts.

Pat Kight

Re: The Carol Duvall Show ending this Fall?!?
I would bet that Carol will also do "specials" for DIY.  She's too darn good
at what she does! :-)

Imperial Crafting
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Re: The Carol Duvall Show ending this Fall?!?
Actually, I can't imagine anyone not appreciating the support and adulation
of fans.

You might have misunderstood me.  I did not suggest that others write to Ms.
Duvall to persuade her to continue this show, rather I encouraged fans of
the show to demonstrate to the network how much they love the show and wish
to keep the show (or its type) on HGTV or DIY (which are both owned by the
same corporation- Scrips), in the likeliehood it was not Ms. Duvall's desire
to end the show, but instead, a decision made by HGTV executives.  Hence I
do not see how anyone could confuse that with pressuring the host of the
show to continue something "she clearly had grown tired of."

Perhaps we read the letter Ms. Duvall wrote in different ways.  I, for
instance, read her declaration not to retire as a sign that she wished to
continue hosting craft shows.  I also interpreted her reference to the
cancellation of the Home Show as a signal that perhaps this 'mutual parting
of ways' was not so mutual.  Many situations could have led to the show's
cancellation.  For example: a cutting of the budget, rearranging a show's
format or moving time slots are all instances that would lead a now-unhappy
host to end a show.  Therefore, if Ms. Duvall was pressured or persuaded not
to continue with her show, letters from her fan base would only help
strengthen her bargaining position, even if it is to negotiate a new show
with this network or another (if that is her intention or choice).  And from
what Ms. Duvall wrote, it seems as though she intends to continue appearing
on TV in some form.

I personally think the sentiments of admiration and appreciation of viewers
could do no harm- but that's just my opinion.


Quoted text here. Click to load it,1789,HGTV_3352_3039638,00.html
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Re: The Carol Duvall Show ending this Fall?!?
Jolly Green Stamper wrote:

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Oh, no argument there. Maybe I've just witnessed one too many efforts to
rally the troops to save a particular TV show. I can only think of one or
two, off-hand, that have succeeded.

But letters of appreciation would very likely be welcomed under any

Pat Kight

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