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No, that's not a typo! :)  I have a small (4 lb) chihuahua who just
adores wearing clothes.  As long as she likes them, that is!

I've just recently begun teaching myself to sew (oddly enough I can
repair machines, but haven't the first clue how to actually sew on one
beyond straight or zig-zag stitches in the simplest of patterns).  I've
made her three shirts, two of which are lopsided, too big and hang
funny on her.  The other one is perfect.  The seams are straight, it
hangs correctly and fits her like a dream.  She hates it, but loves the
other two, go figure.

Anyway, I'm looking for small shirt patterns for dolls (18" or up) or
dogs.  I should be able to alter a doll shirt to fit her with few
problems I'd think.  I found a free preemie shirt pattern online and
printed it out but it comes with no instructions (or in my case,
destructions!), just the pieces so I'm not quite sure how it all goes

I'm hoping someone here has a good site with a few free patterns that
would fit a doll/small dog.  I've found a couple, but nothing like what
I really want.  Basically I want a generic t-shirt pattern on a very
small scale.

Any suggestions?  Links?  Insults?  (Come on, I can take it!)

Thanks in advance for any help :)


Re: Doll shirt patterns/Dog shirt patterns
Well, after a bit of searching through personal catolauges and the web,
I did find a basic tee pattern that you seem to want. I read through it
and it's pretty easy to follow too, which is good for a beginner. I
took a look at the pattern pieces, and it might be a good idea to
redraw them, using a ruler, so it's more even and consistent. And as an
afterthought, it might be easy to do it with an already existing shirt,
and perhaps you could get two, to match!

Tahirih, humble sewist
"Two things are infinate; the universe and human stupidity.
I'm not sur about the former." -Albert Einstein

Re: Doll shirt patterns/Dog shirt patterns
Oh, and I forgot. Doing a google search on the terms dog clothes
patterns and dog t-shirt patterns came up with a LOT of stuff. If you
could be a little more specific it seems it would be a soft breeze to

Re: Doll shirt patterns/Dog shirt patterns
Thank you so much!  This is perfect! :)

tahirih luvs 2 sew wrote:
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Re: Doll shirt patterns/Dog shirt patterns
You are very welcome.

Re: Doll shirt patterns/Dog shirt patterns wrote:
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   Not free but you can pick them up on sale often at the major chain
fabric stores.  The major pattern companies have some clothes for dogs.
  I know because my kids found one and we had to buy it for my dachshund
who also loves wearing clothes.  I made her a formal pink dress (at my
daughter's request) and a Steeler's vest for the Super Bowl.  She also
has a hot dog bun for Halloween, complete with "mustard and ketchup" on
sheer black net across her back. The patterns are sized from small to
x-large in the same pattern.  The small might be a little large for your
dog.  I have to combine the medium at the chest with the small for the
length for my mini dachsie.  Different breeds will have different
fitting needs. Good luck with your sewing.  Let us know how it goes.  I
suspect my daughters will want to make the dog more outfits now they are
in summer break.  Hey, it's a good introduction to sewing.

Marilyn in MN

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