Gather up long curtains

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Hi, I hope someone can help me with some curtain advice please. A
friend has some sheer lace curtains which are too long for the window.
She wants me to put a gather in the bottom of the curtains which will
bring them up to their correct length. She wants the gathering to be at
the bottom of the curtain only so as not to create a full 'balloon'
effect. I have seen this done but have never attempted it before. The
ones I saw had ribbon bows at the bottom of each gather. I am
experienced with making ordinary curtains so understand the basics of
hemming, etc. Could SKS please advise me on how to go about creating
this look please. I have cross posted this as I am not sure where I
should be asking. Regards Chris.

Re: Gather up long curtains wrote:
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You could sew parallel rows of gathering stitches (1/4" apart) and 10
to 12 inches in length, spaced evenly across the bottom, say every 6-8
inches (or whatever works for the width of the curtains).  Pull up the
bobbin thread and tie off.  You could add a length of ribbon cut in
half, sewing one piece to the front and one to the back, just above
where the gathering stitches start, and tie in a bow at the bottom of
the gathered area.  Hard to describe exactly what I mean here, sorry.



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