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Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about making a curtain for a fairly
large half-moon window? Are there any patterns available?

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Cindy wrote:
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    The pattern books are full of wonderful window treatments, but,
upon checking the (admittedly older) books I have, I did not find a
pattern for an arched window.
   However, 'Sunset Books' , titled 'Simply Window Treatment', ISBN#
0376017376, details how-to make a 'sunburst curtain', which is another
word for 'arched', 'eyebrow', 'semi-circular', or 'half-moon' window'.
  You will have to purchase a flexible plastic curved rod. I think most
fabric stores carry these, or check Calico Corners (US) or a similar
interior decor/fabric shop.
   The Sunset book publications are quite inexpensive, and available at
most fabric shops; I think I got mine at the local hardware store,
$8.00 to $12.00, US.
  The instructions admonish that, because of so much bulk at the center
of a sunburst curtain, lightweight fabric, and a gathering/fullness
ratio of no greater than 2:1 are a necessary requirement for the
design. Further, if your window radius is greater than 36", the amount
of fabric at the center of the sunburst will be unweildy and uglified,
so an alternative treatment is recommended.
   Looking at the 'sunburst' design, it has a large rosette at the
center bottom, where all of the fullness is gathered, so I would assume
if you eliminate the rosette, you eliminate the bulk problem on a
larger window. Worth a look-see, if you can find the Sunset book.

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On 29 Jul 2006 14:17:44 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@aol.com wrote:

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I suspect that tiered-skirt technique would adapt the pattern to a
window too large to gather the whole edge in the center.  

And so would that circle-skirt-made-outa-trapezoids I've been mulling
over for the last ten or twenty years.  The seams could be worked into
the design.

Joy Beeson
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Re: half-moon windows
thank you for the suggestion. I will go on amazon.com and look for it!

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