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Are they still sending these by email? I was signed up at one point,
then stopped getting email from them altogether, and now only seem to be
getting the sale notices (but not links to online coupons).


Re: Joanns coupons

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I continue to get their online offers, here's the latest:

Maybe you can sign up again:

Be sure to check you spam filters, maybe their messages were



Re: Joanns coupons

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Hi, Dawn!  It's good to see you posting again.

Now that I check for them, it looks like maybe I haven't seen any online
coupons since the end of May.  I check my email from two machines
though, so it may be that I've gotten some on the other machine and
deleted them without noticing the coupons.

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Re: Joanns coupons
I heard from a friend that she had a similar issue.    Apparently she was't
using the coupons and after a year they removed her name from the list.  As
other recommended, go sign up again.
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