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It is a ruffled (country) toliet seat and tank cover. Does anyone know
where I might find this?

Re: Looking for a pattern
One of the Hancock's stores used to have a set as you described in the
customers restroom.  I asked one of the clerks about it, since I know she
sews many items that are displayed in the store.  She said she used a
Butterick pattern to make it.  That was about 4-5 years ago, but household
item patterns are usually available much longer than patterns for clothes.

Re: Looking for a pattern
Thank you so much, I'll check it out.
CypSew wrote:
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Re: Looking for a pattern

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:

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   You could probably skip the middleman, and find a next-to-new tank
cover down at the local landfill, where some disgruntled hubby chucked
it. That's where s.t.b.x used to send household items he disliked, new
or used. If you don't live near someone like this, check out

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