Need Help with Singer 615U

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I was recently given a Singer 615U that appears to have never been used,
although it does not have a manual with it.  I have not sewn in over 10
so I pretty much don't know anything about sewing anymore. I
have heard that
many of the old Singer models are really good and
durable because of their metal
components.  I believe this one is "one
of the good ones", but I'm not at all
attached to it. Could anyone give
me some advice- is this particular machine
worth anything?  What year is
it? etc. I have not been able to find any info on
it at all.  I'm
wondering if I should sell it and get one that's easier for a
like me to figure out, or if I'd be a fool to sell it. I'd appreciate


Re: Need Help with Singer 615U

silverlight wrote:
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   I bought an old SInger 31-15 which had been converted from treadle
to electric. I believe it had been used in a factory. All it does is
sew a straight stitch--you turn the sewing work to back-stitch/ lock
threads. Doesn't get much more basic than that, but it handles heavy
weight bulky fabric layers quite well. If I remember right, I paid
about $100.00 for the machine and a huge cutting table, about 10 years
ago.(I'm too lazy to go check the particulars.)
  The old machines don't bring a lot of money, as their functions are
so limited. Everyone wants bells and whistles, a wide range of
functions, new and shiny.
   The old metal machines, if properly maintained--given regular oiling
and cleaning--go on forever, and can be very useful for sewing  bulky
items, upholstery, and long runs of drapery and curtain fabrics. My
31-15 makes a particularly long stitch, which is preferable for such
   I would suppose your keeping the machine depends upon whether you do
such sewing, enough to warrant giving the machine house room. I'd
suggest you play with it, see if there are things you like about the
machine. If not, you'll probably find someone who likes the oldies
enough to take it off your hands. Just don't expect to make your
fortume in heavy metals.

Re: Need Help with Singer 615U
blueyes917 had written this in response to  :
I have a Singer 615U.  It was purchased second-hand by my mother in the
early 70's.  I HAVE THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL and all accessories including
case.  The manual contains, among many other things, instructions for
oiling the machine, which must be done in at least 10 locations. I have
had this machine repaired many times as it goes out of adjustment pretty
easily.  Once I had the gears replaced for $150. I have never had a Singer
that was easy to us and I will be buying an electronic machine this
holiday season (probably a Janome.)  I use a sewing machine for altering
and repairs only.  If anyone has any suggestions about what to purchase, I
would appreciate knowing them.  
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Re: Need Help with Singer 615U
I also have a 615u and love it.  It is one of the last of the all
metal Singer machines....and one of the few 600 models that isn't a
touch & sew (wind in place bobbin).  It is also one of the few Singers
that will do a chain stitch - and a lovely one at that!  Mine as a $20
purchase at the thrift - it's like new with all of the attachments and

The 600 "U" series, from what I have found out, were sold through
military depots to military families (and not through dept. stores).
They're not that common which is probably why it's hard to find out
anything about them.


On 07 Dec 2007 17:59:37 GMT, blueyes917_at_yahoo_dot_
(blueyes917) wrote:

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Re: Need Help with Singer 615U
On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:07:30 +0100, silverlight

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I have a 615u, also.  Also no manual :) Mine is like new in it's
original case with full attachment set.

It's a WONDERFUL machine.  All metal, gear driven (no belts) and will do
a marvelous chain stitch.  It's about late 60s era and was made by
SInger in Japan for sale at military outposts...hence they are rare in
the US.=20

I will never sell mine... :)

If you get a manual for, say a Singer 401 everything matches except for
the chainstitching (which the 401 does not do).  The 615u is not a Touch
& Sew but the directions for doing the chainstitching are the same as
for, say, the Singer 603.  You need the chainstitching attachments,
which consist of a bobbin filler and a special plate.

Let me know if you decide to sell it :)


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