Problems with a steam iron

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I recently bought a brand new Black & Decker Steam Advantage iron (model
F2200).  This is one with a "Ceramic Glide" soleplate.   I've owned it less
than a week and I am already having problems with it.  The specific problem
I am having is that on occasion it is staining my clothes.  This happens
when I am ironing over a thick seam, say, the outside corner of the pocket
on the front of a shirt.  The iron is leaving a thin, brown stain there.
Sometimes I can brush off what seems to be some residue there, but sometimes

When I examine the soleplate I see some brown stains immediately below the
"top" steam vent, extending in a V-shape in each direction.  This stained
area feels slightly rough, as though there is residue there.

Compared with my old iron, which had a non-stick (Teflon?) soleplate, I've
noticed that the ceramic soleplate of this new iron is more "sticky," and I
have to let the steam flow really build up before I can move the iron back
and forth easily.  This soleplate also seems to get hotter at a given fabric
heat/steam setting.

I have ironed almost exclusively dress shirts, both 100% cotton and
poly/cotten shirts, with this iron.  I am using the recommended heat/steam
setting for the fabric.  I have been filling the iron with store-bought,
distilled water.

I have two questions:

(1)  What is causing this problem?  Is the recommended setting too hot?  Is
this residue microscopic, burned, fabric particles?

(2)  How can I clean this material off the soleplate?

Thanks in advance.  I saw from searching Google that problems with steam
irons have been discussed in this group in the past.

Re: Problems with a steam iron
Just Askin a écrit :
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I had similar problems to yours with my steam generator iron after I ran
a descaler through it!! mine is supposed to be run on boiled water not
distilled or straight tap water according to the manufacturers
instructions. However I descaled it as we live in a hard water area, and
it was showing signs of scale.

I solved it by literally picking the whole unit up, after unplugging it
and taking it to the sink filling it with water and tipping it out ,
rinsing and tipping until what I was tipping out ran clear. The sole
plate I rubbed at gently with an old green scotch-brite type scourer,
you could try very fine glass paper

I hope that helps some. Does your iron have a help line in the
instruction book or a helpful hints page on the manufacturers website
Claire in Montréal France

Re: Problems with a steam iron

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I solved this problem on my own by researching various solutions on the
Internet and trying them until I found one that worked.

This problem was being caused by the fact that this new iron gets quite a
bit hotter than my old iron.  In essence, the cotton heat/steam setting is
too hot for the cotten/polyester blend shirts I usually wear.  This new iron
is getting so hot that it is, at the microscopic level, burning/melting the
fabric and this burned/melted material is accumulating on the bottom of the
iron.  Enough of this residue had collected on the soleplate so that, after
about the fifth time I used the iron, some rubbed off on the shirt I was
ironing, creating the stains I mentioned earlier.

I tried several methods to remove this residue from the soleplate.  The one
that worked was making a thick paste of water and baking soda and spooning
some of this on a Scotch Brite "Dobie" scouring pad, then gently scouring
the soleplate in a circular motion.  It took about a half-hour to get all
the residue off the soleplate, but I did not scratch the ceramic surface.

I then experimented with lowering the temperature of my iron by setting it
to the next highest setting, the "Wool" setting.  This was hot enough to
iron the cotten/poly shirts successfully without causing the burn/melting

I'm still trying to find a way to get the brown stains out of the shirt that
I was ironing when I discovered the problem.  Today I tried a "Magic Wand"
stain remover stick.  I rubbed this on the stains than laundered.  It may
have removed a little bit, but the stains were still there after laundering.

Re: Problems with a steam iron
slavetoironing had written this in response to  :

Just Askin wrote:

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I've had similar probs, the sodium bicarb paste did the job or removing
rhe residue. it came away so easily, just used the paste on some damp
kitchen role and it came right off. the secret of the iron is 2 use it 2
settings below the fabric your ironing so silk is good for cotton.

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