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Hello, I was wondering, say there was a situation where there was
fabric, but it wasn't quite strong enough, and I wanted to "upgrade" it
to ripstop, by weaving or stitching a quadrille ruled pattern, is that

The idea would be to add ripstop capability to a range of fabrics, I am
learning more about textiles, and I hope that you can help me add that
to my repatroire (sp?) thanks if you can help.

Re: question about ripstop upgrade
Billy Shivers wrote:
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Not really...  It would be more cost-effective to buy ripstop fabric.

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Re: question about ripstop upgrade

Kate XXXXXX wrote:
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I was thinking the same thing especially if the fabric in
question is more than a few yards.  I'm thinking adding
vertical and horizontal lines of stitching 1/4" apart on 100
yards of fabric would be nearly impossible.

However, if OP has a particular color or print that must be
used and it is not available in ripstop, then possibly a
method for making the present fabric "stronger" would be to
bond it to another fabric. That would depend a lot on fiber
content.  Or perhaps use a fusible *woven* interfacing.

It would be useful to have additional details on the actual
fabric and prospective use Op has in mind.


Re: question about ripstop upgrade
BEI Design wrote:
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For kites, but in a 3rd world environment.  Rip-stop just isn't sold on
the streetcorners.  I guess I'm just spoiled.

That was a joke (I have a really dry sense of humor sometimes).

If I can keep the fabric from ripping, there's a wider range of colors

I'm kind of looking at weaving nylon fabric for kites--I might just make
it from bottles of chemicals.  It seems that there is such a great world
of sewing, and the possibilities are endless.

Maybe I need to start with, is there a miniature loom or something, so
that I can make test patches?  I want control over all aspects of the
fabric, to customize it--I don't want to order something from a catalog
that has 20,000 things in it, and waiting 4 months for something that
never arrives.

But, I appreciate your commentary, and I'll continue to work with all of
your ideas that you can share, as I learn more.

Please direct comments to the group, so that other people might benefit
from the exchange of ideas that (hopeful) continues?

Have a nice evening, and thanks for reading.

Re: question about ripstop upgrade
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Read up on "Sashiko" know it makes it warmer-not sure about stronger.


Re: question about ripstop upgrade
lyn5 wrote:
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Interesting!  I had never heard of that technique.  I would
love to get my hands on one of the metal "traditional
sashiko thimble"s shown on that site.  All they seem to sell
are leather ones.


Re: question about ripstop upgrade
BEI Design wrote:
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Yes, that is interesting, thank you.  But I wonder if the Sashiko
technique can be programmed into one of the entry-level (less expensive)
monogramming sewing machines?  It kind of reinforces and thickens the
fabric, doesn't it?  Good reference.  The sewing Gods are smiling--and
almost as much fun as the van Gods (did you see those
commercials--putting disco lights and purple Tiki water fountains in the
back of 70's vans with those heavy, shag-plush interiors? Now there's a
sewing project)

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