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A long time ago, kmgf posted a request for help on finding wide width
fabric.  She was starting a bedding line to make duvets and shams.  I
am doing the same thing.  I am finding it particulary hard to find high
thread count nice cotton in wide widths.  Did anyone ever find out
where she was able to find this fabric?  I am desperate for help as the
research on Google could go on for years with all the millions of
websites to read.  I also am in the same budgetary quandary she was, in
that I would like to spend about $3-4 a yard if possible.  I will be
making children's bedding, so I need to save wherever I can.  Any help
from the cyber world would be greatly appreciated!

Lisa Vold

Re: wide width fabric

lisa wrote:
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   Lisa, I found the best place to get high count cotton was to find
cotton sheets on sale, and use two sheets instead of cotton yardage..
Some stores sell these sheets separately, (notably, here in the US,
Marshall's, Kohl's, Tuesday Morning Sales, and others) so you can buy
two top sheets, and simply sew them together for a duvet cover. Quick,
easy, oand, most of the time, inexpensive.

Re: wide width fabric
Land's End also have nice sheets sold separately.
I am in no way connected to them, except a happy customer.

Re: wide width fabric

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Try these?

www.voguefabricsstore.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=4946 - 41k

 - 27k -


httphttp://www.homespunfabrics.com/tablecloths .



I don't know why some made links as I had wanted and some didn't

Oh well, what can I say, it's very late.
AK in PA

Re: wide width fabric
HI - did you find what you needed? I've been looking for a duvet cover
for a twin blanket and they either don't exist or are very expensive.
Have you decided what you would charge for this?

I considered sewing 2 twins together. Maybe I should give that a try.


AK&DStrohl wrote:
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Re: wide width fabric
Myrna wrote:
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As Cea suggested sheets are great. I did an entire room with sheets.
Twins for Duvet,curtains and table cover. I wasn't looking for high
quality,just a look and they came out great. The thing is you can spend
a lot or a little on sheets and have the look you want. I bought my
sheets in K Mart.

Re: wide width fabric

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You might want to check with Springmaid/Wamsutta if you're needing such
fabric in large quantities--- by the bolt I mean.  I just bought 10
yards of white Springmaid 200 count pima cotton for making pillow cases
and it's beautiful with a very nice hand.

Almost all the online quilt shops now carry 100-120" wide fabric for
backings but, (1) rarely for $3-4/yd; (2) definitely not 200 thread
count since it is quilt fabric though it is usually very high quality
fabric (200 count does not needle very well); (3) a few people have
noticed a reduction in the quality of wide fabrics from a couple
manufacturers so I would definitely suggest swatching it first to see if
it meets your specifications.  Search under "quilt backing" and you'll
find tons of references.

I've made comforter covers from sheets and quilting fabrics (including
the wide backings)--- all 100% cotton.  In all honesty, I prefer the
quilt fabrics that are lighter because many high thread count sheets
make the comforters just too darn heavy and you feel like you're
sleeping under a rock.  Now it is possible to get lighter weight, high
thread count sheets but they are almost always vastly more expensive.


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