Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!

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Hello! I'm brand new to this group, and I am really happy to find that there
are others with whom I can share my achievements, dilemmas and sewing

I'd very much appreciate it if one of you experts would lend me a helping

I have purchased a beautiful piece of wool crepe fabric,  I have a two-piece
Burda pattern that I would like to use for this fabric. However, I have no
idea whether I should line this outfit.

Can someone please tell me how I should proceed? I've never sewn with wool
crepe fabric, and while I'm not allergic to having wool against my skin, I
do want to sew this properly.

Thank you for any comments or suggestions you might have.


Re: Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!
Dear Mignon,

First, wool crepe must be handled very carefully.  Never put an iron
directly on it or press hard, or you will end up with shiny fabric.
Next, it should definitely be lined.  If there is no lining pattern
with the pattern you plan to use, use the garment pieces to make the
lining, except for any facings.  Come back here any time as you sew to
get more tips.

I like to use a bath towel for pressing, so that I don't flatten the
crepe.  For pressing seams open, if you don't have a seam roll you can
tightly roll up a hand towel and stuff it inside a sock.  Using a seam
roll avoids ridges when pressing seams open.


Re: Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!
Teri, thank you so much for your suggestions. Now... since it is 100% wool,
I was thinking that perhaps I should use a very light weight silk lining?
What are your thoughts?


Re: Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!

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I would.
I like to keep all the fabrics in a given project on the same page
cleaning-wise if it is at all possible.


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Re: Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!

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I also think the silk would be an excellent lining fabric. The one
suggestion I would make is that after you sew this and BEFORE you hem it,
you hang the completed cape(except for the hemming) for at least few weeks
to let that fabric relax a bit and see what way it's going to drape so you
can get an even hem. I also pad the hanger with some layers of batting so
you don't get "hanger shoulders".


Re: Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!
Val wrote:
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If I could add a suggestion:  Have the yardage cleaned the way you will
have it cleaned once it is made.  That way, any changes to either the
wool or the lining will have occurred before you cut and sew.
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Re: Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!
Thanks so much for your help. The outfit will be full and flowing, so I will
line it will silk, following a trip to the dry cleaners. My sister-in-law,
who is a seamstress says I shouldn't line it because it is a loose-fitting
two-piece dress. I'm a bit confused, but would rather err on the side of
caution as opposed to trashing great material.

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