Attempted fraud using The Daniel Collection as the introduction

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Jennifer Shirley has alerted me to an email she, and apparently other
turners, have received purporting to come from my site and offering to
buy work.

If anyone has received this email - please note that this has NOTHING
to do with me.

The content (apparently they are all identical) appears below - I don't
understand at the moment how they wouldbenefit as someone replying to
it would have the email forwarded to me - unless I'm missing something
on my settings.  It would appear to be the prelude to an attempted
fraud - the language is not correct and it appear to come from Eric
Ericcson yet is signed by Eric moore (lower case m).

Please contact me if you get an approach like this - and I will
authenticate or otherwise

Email content as follows

From: Ericsson Eric
Sent: Saturday, October 07, 2006 3:09 PM
Subject: order

I am very happy to visit your website and I found some beautifulwork
you have in
your gallery and I have interest in purchasing some of works.
I will like to know if you ship internationally to  Malta and also if
you accept (MoneyOrder/Cheque and Visa Card) as a method of payment.
I want you to get back to me with  your updated webpage,so that I can
choose the
items needed to purchase from your store/gallery.
Due to high  shipping and custom charges,I can make an arrangement for
the pickup of the order.
I will be looking forward to hearing from you asap.

Eric moore



Re: Attempted fraud using The Daniel Collection as the introduction

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This part looks like a scam. But perhaps they screwed up and forged the
wrong information in the e-mail.  

If you want to, you can send/tell me the headers in the e-mail
message, and I can find out what country the person is from.

Sending unsolicited commercial e-mail to this account incurs a fee of  
$500 per message, and acknowledges the legality of this contract.

Re: Attempted fraud using The Daniel Collection as the introduction
This is probably some variant of the Overpayment scam.


The Daniel Collection wrote:
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Re: Attempted fraud using The Daniel Collection as the introduction

That is my view entirely - usually a third party shipper is involved as
seems to be indicated here.

I don't have a sample of the email to be able to forward to anyone - I
was alerted to this by somebody else and have not had the full
document, including header, sent to me.

Not that this really matters - I just wanted to alert people here to
the way in which the name is being wrongly used to try and lend
credibility to something.


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