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Don't know if there are a lot of us lurking with so many other things to
do during the summer or if the ng is becoming used up or less relevant
or if many like me get "burn out" from time to time. I drop by, but
don't take time to add (or subtract) to rcw. I appreciate those of you
that do post and assure you that I'm not saying that your posts are
irrelevant. (as if you cared!)  

That brayed, I wonder if it would be worth the trouble for everyone
lurking to let us know if rcw is still healthy. Just check in with or
without comment. Hope to see a lot of old friends lurking about and know
that there are a lot of new ones to be made this fall when things pick
up. Good idea?  Bad idea?  Very bad idea?  :)

Turn to Safety,  Arch                          

Re: Roll Call
I can't say I come by often, but I look in now and then -- always love
to hear what folks have been doing. I'm sure there are plenty of
woodworking forums out there on the net, but this is the one I check,
because I like the way y'all think.

I'm always "just about" to get back out into the,
garage...and turn something. When I manage to do something
interesting, I'll let you know. Charlie's site, in particular, is an
inspiration. :)

=-=-> Jenn D.

Re: Roll Call
Got a crapload of wood rotting, or is that spalting? Mostly rotting.  
Black birch seems to hold up somewhat better than some other stuff in  

Just cut a crapload more, hope I can get it used or at least undercover  
before it rots. Trying to get power into the new (or "long in progress")  
shop. Two days ago brake line blew on truck (without drama), but  
assessment is that's tip of expensive repair iceberg on worthless old  
truck, so replacement vehicle shopping has me in front of computer.  

No turning to speak of at present.

Cats, coffee, chocolate...vices to live by

Re: Roll Call
On Thu, 06 Aug 2009 10:35:00 -0400, Arch wrote:

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Still here.  Check every day and post when I have something to say.

Intelligence is an experiment that failed - G. B. Shaw

Re: Roll Call
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Re: Roll Call
Hi Arch !
I'm hear every day snooping around.
Enjoying all the posts. I posted some and learned alot here. I'm not a
great turner but I like to make chips. I have had a few segment bowls
explode in the past but haven't had it happen lately,guess I've learned
a little.


Re: Roll Call

Lurking.  Non-wood projects have been taking up my time lately.

Re: Roll Call

My news reader checks for messages several times a day every day. I post
if I have something to say but that isn't often.

If I have a question that I want answering or something that I want
feedback for I usually use one of the forums that I frequent that allows
me to post images - .It's advantage
for me is that it's generally UK based discussion so most products
mentioned will be available to me locally.


Re: Roll Call

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But, what is the fun in that?  the best product, or at least the ones most  
worthy of lust are those which you can't have - that's why I want a Sorello  
after dinner but have to settle for plain old ice cream, and why a friend in  
Davos is going crazy for some guacamole, and it probably explains all those  
Robert Sorby tools we have here in the US.  

Re: Roll Call
I check in every day. I had rotator cuff surgery and haven't been
doing anything, let alone turning.

Re: Roll Call

Completing my first door (solid cherry with book-matched panels), but  
have my next turning (eucalyptus burl) ready to go!


Re: Roll Call
Arch wrote:
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Gerald Ross
Cochran, GA

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Re: Roll Call
Arch wrote:

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"waves" and returns to workshop.

Re: Roll Call
Hi All,

  I mostly lurk and post if I have a problem that I can't solve. I learn  
from all the "old" guys here. I've been turning for only 5 years now and  
still seem like a newbie most of the time. I do miss the binary group. I luv  
the pics. Everyone keep on posting!

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Re: Roll Call
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Yup, I'm lurking here most days and also lurking on the "wreck" but the  
volume there is sometimes hard to keep up with. Lot's of wood and little  
turning time.


Re: Roll Call
We are still here in the UK,  just getting ready to go off to the AWGB  
Weekend Seminar tomorrow,  oh,  I mean today, better go get some beauty  
sleep then or they wont recognize me.
Out of the Woods.

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Re: Roll Call
I look at all to the subject posts.

Arch wrote:
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Re: Roll Call
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Re: Roll Call

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Re: Roll Call
Here!  (you can't see it but my hand is raised)

I have been turning almost every day for the past few months.  About
to possibly loose my day job so I have been trying to sell my turnings
this summer at art fairs around Michigan to make some extra cash.  Bad
idea because everybody else in Michigan is loosing their job too.

I check in pretty much every day.

Ted J.

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