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looks nice and hope they sell it gets put to good use

Re: true diy spirit
On Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at 3:42:13 PM UTC-5, Electric Comet wrote:
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True, but I would hate to have something a bit out of balance on it.

Re: true diy spirit
That is one way to make a hand built lathe.  But its very different from th
e old lathes from the 1800s.  The antique long bed lathes used wooden lathe
 beds.  Like this one.  But had all metal headstocks and tailstocks and too
l rests.  Bolted to the wooden lathe bed.  Cheaper and easier I suppose for
 the guy to build his lathe this way.  But still think it would have been m
uch better if he found a metal headstock and tailstock and tool rest, old o
r new doesn't matter.  And bolted that to a pair of 2x12 stringers making t
he lathe bed.

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