Hoods with fluffy yarn

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Good Afternoon...

Last week Mom and I were in Michael's and I saw a yarn that really
took my eye.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to write down the name of
the yarn, but it was fluffy like Funny, but softer, and it had slubs
through it as well.  I thought it would be great to knit up as a
Hood/cowl like this one:  

http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/60121A.html?noImages =

Do you think I would cast on the same number of stitches as it shows
for the Lion Brand version?  Somehow I remember one of the yarn shop
owners saying she knit one of the out of Funny and cast on 90 sts,
then just kept knitting round and round until she had the length she
liked.  Sound good?

take care,  Linda in B.C., Canada

Re: Hoods with fluffy yarn
It looks just like the pattern they had using some other yarn, which I made
in Jiffy.   Jiffy is a fuzzy yarn..... just looked at my bookmark and it now
says they used Jiffy, weird.    I made it in pastel variegated, which has
like a soft purple, yellow, pink.   Sounds awful, but it looks good on my
soft yellow sweater, and the other 2 colors, which I have a lot of.   The
pattern is kind of like tubes, and they tend to want to work back together
like a slinky.   So, it is not wonderful at keeping your head warm.   When
you get it pulled up, it wants to back off.   If you don't make it long
enough, it will stop at the place your hairline stops in back, if you do
make it long enough, you will have a very spiral-ly neck.    All in all, I
kind of like it, but it has it problems.   I even like to just wear it like
a big cowl neck, because my neck/chest gets cold easily, and it's nice to be
able to pull it up for a little head protection since it's already there.
But I can't say that the Jiffy is really a warm covering, even though you
would have thought so.   Doesn't sound like I'm helping that much :(
old pattern: http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kjif-hood.html?noImages=0

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Re: Hoods with fluffy yarn

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Hi Linda,

I made the old pattern a couple of years ago with a soft slubby yarn. I just
checked the pattern for the recommended gauge and substituted something
appropriate. As Cozy said, it tends to slip back from one's face a bit but
it's wonderful around the neck! Also, in very cold weather, I've found it
tucks nicely under a hooded jacket and keeps me toasty warm.

There is another pattern in a twisted rib which might stay in position a bit
better: http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTaibhlinn.html


Re: Hoods with fluffy yarn
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Hi Eimear,

Thanks for the link.  I'm going to have to sneak out to Michael's and
buy the yarn, then I'll work from there.  It's gorgeous yarn, so I
will have to post what it is.  It took my eye the moment I saw it.


Re: Hoods with fluffy yarn
I have been thinking about Hoods , as they are useful and back into
fashion. i wonder if a twisted cloth would sit better ,, i have to try
it out though ,,,,,,

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Re: Hoods with fluffy yarn
Mirjam Bruck-Cohen wrote:
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I would think a very wide moebius might drape well.

Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.

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