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I am looking for Unger Fluffy yarn color 419.  I started a project only to run out of yarn.  I'm not terribly worried about dye lot if i can match the color.

Re: Unger Fluffy Yarn
Susan Barra wrote:

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I found one in my stash - color #419 (Light blue) and lot #

Bought it last century, IIRC, from a bargain bin in a shop
that was closing.

If you haven't found another source, email me.

Nyssa, who has a lot of odd ball odd stash in her closets

Re: Unger Fluffy Yarn
On Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 5:18:29 PM UTC-5, Susan Barra wrote:
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Have you tried looking in Micheals or Walmart stores? I think they sale multicolor yarn.

Re: Unger Fluffy Yarn
On 10/23/2016 5:18 PM, Susan Barra wrote:
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Another place to try is ravelry.com.  I had the same problem with some  
alpaca yarn and, between ravelry and contacting the manufacturer (my  
color was out of production but they gave me a list of shops they'd sold  
it to), I was able to get enough to finish my project. :)

Good luck!


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Re: Unger Fluffy Yarn
Joan Erickson wrote:

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I posted that I *have* a ball of the yarn she needs, yet
she has not responded here or to me via email.

Susan Barra seems to be another hit-and-run poster who posts  
a request, but forgets to check back over the next week or so  
to see if anyone has responded. Or if she actually found what
she needed elsewhere to post a follow up to let us know that
the problem has been solved.

Nyssa, who tried to help

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