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"CCF" Cookbook
Found the CCF cookbook.
4 months ago 12
Can I refrigerate cheesecake batter?
I have a small, local cheesecake business. I use fresh eggs in my batter and regularly store the batter in gallon baggies in the fridge at 40 degrees for sometimes a week. I never freeze any batt...
4 months ago
Re: "CCF" Cookbook
I have a copy in quite decent condition, from 1994.
7 months ago 3
Melted Tupperware in my oven - Help!
We melted a tupperware bowl in the oven by accident. Do you think the fumes are harmful? I am worried about it smelling up our whole house again as it was very smelly. Wondering if the plastic smell w...
8 months ago
Thought I would try here
My mother used to make very sweet crumbly tart bases with pastry that you did not roll, just pressed into tin (think it had lot of butter)( it just looked like crumbs but when blind baked it was l...
9 months ago 6
Ultimate Cornbread recipe
In the interest of furthering the neverending discussion of how best to make cornbread, I offer the following thoughts. Start as as folows. 4Tbs. Melted Butter, Margarine or Vegtable Oil (In that...
9 months ago 6
White Cream Donut filling - Dunkin Donuts
10 months ago 1
Re: Baking cakes in foil pans I was curious about this too because on one hand the NASA uses aluminum foil to pr...
1 year ago 1
New breadmaker needed
Our trusty old Panasonic SD253 has suddenly dropped the horizontal bars from the LCD display of the baking time, making it virtually impossible to use. Everything else still works, but you have to...
1 year ago 7
Lemon Juice in Bread Machine ?
It helps to make the yeast happy and helps the rise when using machines trying it today. You can use vinager lime or lemon. Interesting !
1 year ago 1
Re: Does your springform pan leak?
I just used a little one (5") to bake the left-over stuffing from a batch of which I cooked the bulk in an 8-hole mini-loaf tin. I was worried that the fat* from the mix would melt and drain out...
1 year ago
Powdered peanut butter
A local bulk food store is offering powdered peanut butter. I have tried it in bread (1 tbsp per loaf), and on granola (a generous spoonful in a 1/3 cup serving), with no distinct taste enhancement. ...
1 year ago 1
Re: How do I get large holes in English Muffins
I am really looking forward to trying this recipe but for some reason the measurements for water and baking soda come up as a "?"...Can you please clarify for me how much water and baking soda yo...
3 years ago
Magic Cake recipe anyone?
MSN news came up with Magic cake but not a detailed recipe. How much flour for example. Also temperature seems critical to get that layering :-
3 years ago
Flour from Sacramento Valley wheat?
Does anybody know where I might buy a bit of flour ground from wheat grown in the Sacramento Valley? I'm curious to find out what sort of bread it makes. At one time (late 1800's) wheat was a majo...
3 years ago