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coffee cake
Hi all, hope you all are doing good. Anyways, I have a concern about Coffee Cake. While the flavour is great, the texture is much to dense in the inside, not as fluffy and lighter. Any ideas? Thanx....
17 years ago
Looking for recipe for Macapuno Esaymada
I am searching for a recipe for a Filipino bun or muffin called Macapuno Ensaymada. I've found several places to buy the muffins, however I'd like to try baking them. If anyone can help, I would...
17 years ago 2
Best chocolate around
17 years ago
Re: cake flour recipe
Can you explain what product did you apply that information and please provide the recipe details ? Roy Can you explain what product did you apply that information and please provide us the recipe...
17 years ago 1
Re: Cookie dough
I would try to use the dough in about a week, after that it starts to degrade, never keep it more than a month. I'd agree with you ONLY if the package has not been opened. It's best to cook all the...
17 years ago 1
Hersey's best brownies
Hi: Unfortunately the movers lost one of our boxes in a recent move. It won't be so bad but the box contained most of my recipes. I have been able to reconstruct most of the recipes I need but have...
17 years ago 3
Any yummy diabetic recipes?
My elderly neighbor just got home from the hospital and now has to go in for dialsys three days per week. I've always sent him dinners and was careful what I've sent, but I'd like to send him a few...
17 years ago 5
Re: Cake recipe/all-in-one method
Don't know if you'd call this an "all in one" cake, but its the easiest, most versatile cake I've ever made. I'll give you the double batch, but I usually make it triple. 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking...
17 years ago 4
bread improver
can someone tell me where can i can these on net? thkz can someone tell me where can i can these on net? thkz Look for dough enhancer such as this:
17 years ago 2
What is an artisan baker?
Hello All: The question in the Subject line of this message has been a topic of some interest on the Bread Bakers Guild of America Yahoo Group this period. Those of you who post here and who are also...
17 years ago
Re: contents of choc chips.. more than just the choc?
Many Diabetic chocolates have the sugar replaced with artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and sugar alcohol called sorbitol . But as the bulkiness of the sugar is replaced with soya flour and...
17 years ago 5
Re: Question about substitution for eggs in cakes
You could just make wacky cake. They don't have any eggs or milk. If you need the recipe let me know and I'll send it to you. Kathy Thank you very much! I will try out the recipe this weekend. You...
17 years ago 3
hardened brown sugar--anything to be done?
My wife can't have sugar so I have a partial bag of brown sugar sitting in the pantry (sealed in a zip lock baggy) that had turned to stone over time. I tried using some recently for a cake for a...
17 years ago 15
New gourmet shop & recipes
of gourmets products of the soil, quality and traditional food,recipes, famous grocery in Avignon, Provence, France
17 years ago
New recipe website
After a lot of research on the net we realised that most of the food sites does not give information on everything so we decided to put everything under one roof and that is how our site was born. Our...
17 years ago 1