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Re: Chewy Pizza crust ?
X-No-archive: yes How much water did you mix with the dough? What was the dough's consistency at first rising? Wet? Tacky? Dry? You may need to up the water a bit. What was the protein content of the...
17 years ago
Re: What is "RPM" i cing?
Hello Alex, I am familiar with these particular ingredients in my job in R&D some years ago for an institutional bakery and food premix plant. These glycerol lactopalmitate-lactostearate and/or...
17 years ago
Re: baking powder and baking soda
"Tasslehoff" and baking soda and I'm confused. Baking soda and baking powder provides both leaving gases. the baking soda will immediately neutraLize the acidity of the fruit while the baking powder...
17 years ago 3