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Sour Milk Substitute
I have a coffee crumb cake that requires 1C of sour milk. What can I use to substitute this since I don't have it? Or does someone have a good coffee crumb cake recipe they want to share? Thanks, I...
14 years ago 5
Blueberry pie report
Okay, so we got started late. Jillian finished the pie in time to put it out to cool just as she was getting ready for bed. Chilled in fridge all Monday and Dad had it for dessert with dinner. He got...
14 years ago 17
Frozen pies - Microwaving
Hihi My oven isn't connected yet, but I have 8 frozen pies that are designed to be ovened, can I do them in the microwave somehow? (I'm not bothered if the pastry doesnt' come out too well as long as...
14 years ago 5
Blueberry Pie
Okay, I CAN google and get a recipe, but I need to know tried and true. My 10 year old, Jillian, has decided, ON HER OWN, that her dad deserves a blueberry pie for Father's Day. My bushes were...
14 years ago 1
Starter - Biga Recipes?
I have been using a starter routinely when baking, especially for pizza and focaccia. I make a batch of starter, by using a very small amount of yeast per flour, and letting it rise all day, until the...
14 years ago 1
Starters, or Bigas: freezing and defrosting?
Has anyone use a microwave to defrost frozen starter? Or, do you have do it on the countertop at room temperature. If the heat of the microwave kills the starter yeast, is that a problem? Is all the...
14 years ago
shrinking pie crust
I have tried several pie crust recipes. Each time I bake the crust for a pie shell, it shrinks away from the sides of the pie plate. I poke holes in the crust with a fork before baking. Any...
14 years ago 4
Need Low Sugar, Low Fat, High Fiber Oatmeal Cookie Recipe..
I know sounds crazy. I would like to use oat bran flour if I could. Splenda could be the sugar substitute. Any ideas? Thanks!
14 years ago
Polynesian Gooey Butter Cake Ideas?
After watching on of Paula Deen's thanksgiving shows, where she made a Pumpkin version, I realized that I could have fun developing new flavors. Well, since I'm in Culinary school now, I decided to...
14 years ago 8
Whole grain newsgroup
Hey everyone. Just want to let anyone that might be interested know that there is a discussion going on at concerning the formation of a new newsgroup dedicated to whole-grain foods, actually I...
14 years ago 1
Chickpea bread. Cambridge Massachusetts.
Where around Cambridge Massachusetts can you get chickpea bread ?...
14 years ago
Looking for Toastmaster Breadmaker Manual for the 1148x model - 2LB capacity
Anyone know where I can download the manual for free? thanks!
14 years ago
Nutritional Analysis Software
I am looking for a nutritional analysis software that will allow you to create a recipe and include a portion of another recipe in it. I want it for creating and revising recipes. Has anyone used such...
14 years ago 7
Pizza crust with bubbles
I have a good pizza crust recipe that makes a nice thin and crispy crust. Before putting on the sauce and the toppings, I cook the crust for five minutes on a pizza stone that has been preheated at...
14 years ago 6
Baking with Stoneware - specifically Bundt Cakes!
Hi everyone, we're new to this group! Can anyone out there tell us if bundt cake recipes need to be adjusted for use with stoneware bundt cake pans? We are looking to make a Mississippi Mud Cake with...
14 years ago