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Semi-AD: Harrogate bead fair in just over two weeks!
I'm not running the bead fair but we're making our sales debut there! Anyone in the UK wanting to meet the mysterious Mike, please make sure to stop by and introduce yourselves. -Su http://www.t...
14 years ago 10
A couple of new things.
I haven't been around much because my fall got off to a hectic start with a trip to Co. for my neices wedding, and then a visit from my sis and b-i-l, and then my daughter got sick for two weeks and...
14 years ago 10
BeadFest attendees, what did you buy???
Ok, 'fess up - if you went to Bead Fest, what did you buy? If you were selling, how were sales and what sold the most? I'll tell if you will.... Patti
14 years ago 5
AD: Beads Finally - 2 Plum Bobs
It just seems like I dropped off the edge of the world. Working on a PhD can feel like that. And I've had a difficult month or so with changes in my studio, lots of commitments for public speaking,...
14 years ago 2
AD --- New Works Up --- Tink
Hi all! I've just stocked up my Available Works page today, and thought I'd post a few direct links here for your viewing pleasure! I'm working on some retro-themed gallery pieces, and did a few ve...
14 years ago 1
OT: Babies!!!!
Miniatures! I'm in awe...
14 years ago 4
Glass pendants Borosilicate-made local- for auction new auctions, thanks for looking!:)
14 years ago
OT - sorry for not being around
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive, just sort of hiding out. I don't have much free time these days, I'm weeks behind in my email, and I have more work than I have time to han...
14 years ago 6
AD: New auctions, focals beginning Monday
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0059_01C5CD81.18D03260 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hello folks,...
14 years ago 9
Hooooly COW
14 years ago 4
AD: Beadbimbo Autumn Ambers
Well, I'm finally getting something on ebay again. I started playing with the basic dot and swirl beads, and then decided to do flowers instead. I was making leaves for the flowers, but my DD li...
14 years ago 3
OT - need an opinion on website
it is not done yet, not even close, but i will make gallery to work this way: what do you think? is it too complicated? too ugly? too something?
14 years ago 8
OT - oh yeah? Rita who?
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and well and almost home! About 6 blocks away to be exact! :) Austin and I are currently residing in best friend Billy's spare room until I find ou...
14 years ago 7
WebBeader - Bead design program
WebBeader is a bead pattern designer - try it at WebBeader has been updated - it now has undo and redo buttons. It's also now much easier to add and subtract rows and columns....
14 years ago
New Website format: Please comment
Thanks for all the great comments given to try to help improve my website. Although I'm not ready to give up frames yet (I need to learn some new techniques first!), I have simplified my site, enlar...
14 years ago 12