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AD -- Introducing
Hello all-- Please let me introduce myself. I am Dorothy Jennings, owner o I have been selling beads on auction sites and throug my website for over 5 years now. I specialize in C...
14 years ago
AD- sugar and spice hairstick
a match to the bracelet I made the other week: now to start work on the choker.. -Amber.
14 years ago 4
I have about 50 strands of pearls. I can't use them all so I put them up on ebay. If you are interested, you can see them here:
14 years ago 5
AD: More from the Bayou
One Beach Heart Amulet bead ends in a few minutes, but there are other auctions up and more to come later today. THANK YOU for checking them out!! Mary Jarvis Quick link to eb...
14 years ago 2
question: how or whether to hide the clip-on parts of clip on earrings?
Hi all, somebody asked would I make clip-on earrings, and I thought that it might be a good idea. I made a pair last night (can wear my own earrings now without having to take the normal earrings ...
14 years ago 2
AD: New Deepwood Art Auctions (and a bracelet story)
Hi all! Ok, new auctions this week! These don't start until 9:00, 9:15, and 9:30 tonight (EDT) but you get to preview them anyway. Ready? "Brandywine" is here:
14 years ago 15
OT Passing of a British Comic Legend
Ronnie Barker will be very much missed. The Two Ronnies, Porridge and Open All Hours were some of my favourite programs, they were very popular in Australia as well as the UK. There's a nice obit on...
14 years ago 2
KUDO'S TO Sarajane's Pig Family Has a Party - WONDERFUL
I just received Sarajane's The Pig Family has a Party Calendar for 2006. I have to tell you all that it is just BEAUTIFUL - the colors are vibrant, the quality of...
14 years ago
charity auctions?
im sure you have more experience with them then i, so i need an advice. a friend and i would like to help collecting money for one little girl's surgery, and since we both make jewelry, we would l...
14 years ago
OT: GREAT NEWS about my cousin!!!!
Chris is home and about to start school on a modified schedule. What a true blessing. His personality is intact. He's mobile. He's now remembering things that happened to him 4 days before the...
14 years ago 7
Ad: Christmas Sampler
Well yet another auction up...I am slowly getting in the swing for Christmas with some beads...awfully early, but the weather is sure cold enough here:(! I also put some orphan beads up on Sunday!...
14 years ago
AD - New beads up!
Monday night comes early these days... I have managed to get my office resituated in the basement, the remodeling of which has been eating up all my spare time for the last month. I'm so, so, so g...
14 years ago 5
Re: 3-Eye Dzi Beads Follow Me Everywhere!
Funky! I like them! -- Kandice Seeber
14 years ago
OT - Oooh, the spoofers are getting clever!
I got a new kind of spoof today... it's disguised as a "question from eBay member"! The one I got asks if they can pay using verified Paypal. Since I don't have anything for sale, I knew it was a ...
14 years ago 3
AD - Bead Kits up at Just Beads
I've put up a few more kits for your designing pleasures... go take a look and see if theres something you like! :) There is one very special aucti...
14 years ago 2