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Ad - New Polyclay Beads Up!
Hey all! Long time no see. :-) How is everyone? For those who would like to see, I've been experimenting lately and have come up with some really wonderful bead sets. All of them are made from ...
14 years ago
OT: Happy Birthday Kathy NV!
Here's to you, our favorite beady storyteller. Hope you have a wonderful day. -- ---------- Barbara eBay & Justbeads:penguintrax
14 years ago 15
AD: A Splash of Color on this Weeks Beads!
Just wanted to let you know that I have a couple of auctions ending this weekend. Feel free to check out all my items on ebay at a glance: Hand Made P...
14 years ago 2
Ad Costa Mesa Gem Faire
We'll be there! Will you? If so, stop by and say Hi! COSTA MESA, CA Orange County Fairgrounds/Building 12 & POP 88 Fair Dr. October 7, 8, 9 Get your 2 for 1 Coupon entra...
14 years ago
now that it's autumn..a fall drool list
!!! such pretty leaves:
14 years ago
two peculiar glass auctions up
Thanks for looking at them! Peace!
14 years ago
Bead Fest, Bead Fest is coming
OK, Bead Fest is next weekend at the Ft. Washington, PA expo center, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 7-9, who's going???? Patti
14 years ago 11
AD- Preview of Tillerman Bead's first auction in two months!
Ok, the auction itself doesn't go live till tonight at 5PM PDT so you can't see anything till then but here's a link to a photo of the bead set. The name of the set is 'Don't Know' because when fa...
14 years ago 10
AD: Christmas Brights
Ok...I am taking some of the advice and living on the edge...and this is a set I really don't mind if it doesn't is one of my favorites. I really need to work a bit more on the pics as ...
14 years ago 6
Re: WOW! It is starting to feel like fall
YEAH we got our first cold front last night! YES it really does feel like fall now. Instead of scorching 100 degree weather. I can breathe again! yeah!
14 years ago
Kilns- how much does size count?
I'm ready to purchase my first kiln and I've only ever seen an Arrow Springs kiln IRL, which I liked. But, I don't want to spend more than ~$650 and that won't get me one with a controller. Sear...
14 years ago 2
new girl beads and more
I've posted new Girl Beads on that page of my site, and also there are new pages for Bryan's music and his mosaics---many of which as you may know are beaded. Do take a look please! http://polyclay...
14 years ago
AD and share - mostly share from Glitzy Glass Studio Inspired by Deepwood Art Beads!
Hi all - well, I know most of you do your own jewelry designs etc..., but I was so inspired by the lovely beads I received from Deepwood Art that I had to try my hand at it. Fran's dipped sterling ...
14 years ago 2
Questions about those buying lampwork
This is a very silly questions/comment. I know it takes a while to get a finding on eBay...and I know they say you should never pay attention to the quality of others beads and what they are gett...
14 years ago 18
Ad: A coupke of new postings!!
Ok...Halloween is officially over for last ghost is being listed as well now into full fall:D! Take a peek! The last ghost :D!
14 years ago 10