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AD: Amazing tournaline chunk necklace, new kits, & Updates
Vibrant Jewels Online Bead & Jewelry Store Hello Beady Buddies, I have just listed an amazing necklace made out of freeform tourmaline chunks. Of ...
14 years ago
Metal Beads Anyone??????
Hello!! I've been lurking for a while and enjoying the discussions and wonderful lampwork bead designs. Anyone out there fabricate metal beads? Would love to see some examples and have a discussion...
14 years ago 3
OT: Something for Jerri
I thought you guys would find this cute, and it especially made me think of Jerri: -- -Kalera
14 years ago 12
Re: How are my pictures now?
they are beautiful now:) i mean the photos, beads were beautiful before:)
14 years ago
"Fashion Beading" by Kim Ballor - a review
I really enjoyed Kim Ballor's new book, "Fashion Beading". Her designs are similar to the way I design - strung beads with embellishment, some wire wrapping, charm belts and necklaces, watches, etc....
14 years ago
Re: Walmart -- good news and bad news
Both, I guess. Yep, got that one a few years ago. That's good for actual metal working but I don't think I'm as advanced with my beads as to need that one yet. Maybe someday... I've sor...
14 years ago 1
Learning lampworking question
I am interested in taking a lampworking class at a local beadstore. I've always been fascinated with both glass and I think it's a great possible hobby for me. The class I'm going to ta...
14 years ago 6
Re: Oooh, Fran! You need to stop doing this to me!
In article , says... Oh cool! And I haven't forgotten about Mike's glass, but I've been slacking ... not really, it's just been hectic. But I'm working on getting my...
14 years ago 1
Re: AD - "Desire" and more!
Actually, a dedication plaque would be a wonderful idea! You, along with my other wonderful customers ARE helping to finance my new studio. I certainly couldn't have done it without you. And I know ...
14 years ago 1
Question for lampworkers
Or actually any who may have a thought. I have been selling lampwork on eBay for about 6 months now...when I started it was slow. I read online that it was a slow time of year...I am actually qu...
14 years ago
OT Snow Pics
It's still snowing hard. I took a few pictures of my front garden. Scroll down a bit: -- Marisa (AU/NZ) I'm not Wonder Woman. I can't d...
14 years ago
AD: Ocean Blues
Just play with glass, first time using my lapis blue...I quite like the colors of blues mixed...if you want to take a peek here it is!!!
14 years ago
We're such wide eyed, NZ newbies, snow is still exciting! It's falling hard and everything is flocked and gorgeous. It's been such a mild winter we didn't expect to see snow this year. But here it i...
14 years ago
AD: New beads for next week
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0020_01C5BC44.A3D0DF20 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hello everyo...
14 years ago
sorta AD-OT My Pig Calendar
ok...I just finished setting up my First Calendar with, a publishing/printing site. If all goes well, I will be doing more calendars--including polymer clay/beady/ doll ones--and also how-t...
14 years ago