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Pretty Beads
I saw these and wanted to share: Tink Check here for available work:
15 years ago 2
Dzi Beads
Here's an article from a Malaysian online newspaper on Dzi beads: Note that they mention that The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has a really old one on display. Arondel...
15 years ago 5
Ad: blue opals~Ancient Carnelian~Dichroic Pendants
Just returned from a really good bead show in Mass. - please check out our unique items on ebay this week - especially the blue Australian opal beads! sharon Click here to see my auctions in pict...
15 years ago
AD: Oranges Poranges
Oranges poranges, who says, oranges poranges, who says, oranges poranges, who says-- there ain't no rhyme for oranges! -Witchypoo I had a successful show on Saturday, now I'm listing some of the ...
15 years ago 1
Mini freak out and apology
Everyone, as I was dozing on the couch not too long ago, I had this weird vision of all the beady folks here lining up at my door to throw big rocks at me. All of you were yelling at me for not h...
15 years ago 16
Market value ???
Hi I am not sure if it is right newsgroup to introduce my product. If not, please kindly advise which one is more appropriate. The link below will let you go to my web site. I am not selling my p...
15 years ago
Re: Tillerman Beads!
Thanks! But don't, you'll chip a tooth! Glad you liked them. -Su
15 years ago 3
It's official, Mike's a preferred bead maker!
Or so says someone from 'china dot com' who wants us to ship to Lagos in Nigeria. All terribly, terribly legitimate. Of course! ROFL. I want to frame the email as proof that Mike's made the big...
15 years ago 4
OT 2 stories about my day, My Big Mouth and What the Dog Wore
I'm very very excited about my trip, which would account for the stupid things I blurt out and why I found the second story so funny. My Big Mouth or "Did I just say that aloud?": So I'm serving a...
15 years ago 3
Have I lost it?
I feel so lost lately. Yes my health issues have been affecting me working at all but I just feel lost. I can't make anything that looks worth a darn and my interest is severely lacking. I kno...
15 years ago 8
OT: The Baseball Playoffs
Who do I want to win the damn playoffs. Well all of my life I have been a Texas fan. I mean the real teams that count - The Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. I think there are a couple of baske...
15 years ago 4
OT: Story - The Famous Class Prank
I went to high school where my father went to high school, and where Manda goes to high school. (yawn) The building looks exactly like when I attended, except it's in terrible physical shape the...
15 years ago 3
THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN CROSS-POSTED TO SEVERAL ONLINE BEAD LISTS ***************************************** Hello everyone! I've been so busy I hadn't realized just how long it's been since I sen...
15 years ago
OT: Update on the unhealthy folks in MO. long
Well, towards the end of last week, I was feeling oodles better--the only thing I had left was the need to turn my lungs inside out a couple times a day. Adam never got super bad, except for one ...
15 years ago 6
Jewelers and the Patriot Act
okay - i'm not there yet. i don't know if anyone here IS. but . . . Under Title III, Section 352 of the Patriot Act, any business buying and selling $50,000 or more in precious gemstones, metals...
15 years ago 21