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you know you've got a one-track mind
when you look at the TV guide and it says "Shipwreck!" and you change channels to see what's new in beading . . . . only to find out it's about The Lusitania. **pout** -- @vicki [SnuggleWen...
15 years ago 6
AD - Small set up on the website
I know, I know - it's silly to post an ad for one measly bead set. :) I really wanted to just ask you all what you think - this is my first use of the Gold Iris frit that Kalera so generously se...
15 years ago 11
[Ganoksin] [Issue #109] Tips From The Jeweler's Bench
The Ganoksin Project S i n c e 1 9 9 6 Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Techniques ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ganoks...
15 years ago
AD: Beads Everywhere!
I'm a little scattered, or maybe you'd say I'm diversifying....either way, I have beads up everywhere! eBay JustBeads! my site www.beadnerd.c...
15 years ago 1
AD: Animal Print Safari beads and Bold Colors Christmas Lights ending soon
Some of the Safari Animal Prints (Tile Beads) and Christmas Light Bulb beads are ending soon. The colors on the Christmas lights are bolder and brighter (primary colors) than I made over the past ...
15 years ago 4
Stick Pearls Buy
OK, all those that were interested (Sooz, Susan?) please e-mail me off list. I just found a new supplier with the pearls at a great price. White, Peach, Gold, Black and Green. Top or Center Drille...
15 years ago
OK....who did it? BFNR OT
You sneak. You didn't sign your name. I got the BEST, sweetest, tiniest, roundest, most perfect Mothwoman duckie pair!!! Anonymously! Thank you, thank you, thank you! How did you know I yearne...
15 years ago 9
OK how about a report on what happened to you. I think everyone has been holding their breath to see if you survived. Obviously you did now for the gory details. Armand --
15 years ago 7
AD: Art Insomnia - New Sets
Hi Y'all, I've listed four new sets tonight. Click on the link below if you'd like to take a peek. Thanks! =o) Have a great weekend! -- Dawn "Art Insomnia"
15 years ago 6
AD: Richmond, VA IBS Show
I'm terrible at this, LOL! I meant to post this earlier than than right before the show, but there is an Intergalactic Bead Show this weekend in Richmond, VA. If you are coming, please stop by an...
15 years ago
OT - 2nd opinion
Dana and I drove to DC today to see the new oncology surgeon. He was not encouraging, but asked for more information. I have to call three doctors on Monday and request stuff be sent to him. The...
15 years ago 30
AD Beading For A Cure Charity Auctions
We would like to invite you to view our first round of auctions for Layne's Legacy: Beading For A Cure! We are pleased to present 7 uniquely beaded items this week. Auctions last 7 days! Don't mi...
15 years ago 22
OT - REALLY annoying spam
Does anyone else think getting spam messages that say "Jesus wants you to save, Refinance now the Christian way" is particularly crass?? For some reason these really, really bother me, but then ...
15 years ago 8
AD: Auctions ending tonight and new ones too 10/15 ~ SPIglass Studio
I only have two auctions ending tonight and that's it for the week. No time last week to make or list beads, but that will change as of next week (I'll post info on that later, cause I've got to g...
15 years ago
EEEEK nerves!
OK, I'm off to my Michael Barley/Andrea Guarino workshop... wish me luck! Moxley and Breezy are holding down the fort, I'll be back on Wednesday. -- -Kalera http://www...
15 years ago 9