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OT: Can't decide who to vote for...try this.
For entertainment purpses only (referenced on NPR): My results: 1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%) 2. Cobb, David - Green Party (80%) 3. Nad...
15 years ago 20
Share & Tell
Okay, because lots of other people have been sharing their seed bead projects I dragged out two of mine from 6-7 years ago when I first started messing with beads. Back when I had time to actuall...
15 years ago 8
AD: Pink lentils
Here's my ad for the week. I'm cranking out the beads to bring to the Bead Affaire on Saturday - my second bead show. Wish me luck! Thanks.
15 years ago 29
OT: you won't like this
Sugar seems to be favoring Bush tonight. He gets a little bitty song, while she is silent for Kerry. We couldn't notice this last debate because Lila was very vocally pro-Kerry, so we assumed b...
15 years ago 6
uh . . .
this was posted to me in another group. i had to tell him i just make what feels good for me . . . but i was boggling and thought the rest of you might enjoy it: ---------------------------------...
15 years ago 6
Thank You, Jan!!!
Jan sent me the most beautiful beaded flowers for my bouquet! They are gorgeous!!! She even included a little one as a bouttoniere (sp) for Ken!!! These are gorgeous! Wish my camera was working ...
15 years ago 4
Rejoice! DH is beading again!
Adam is sitting at the table, with rust and tortoise seed beads, along with sandstone chips, in hand! And he's doing his first tubular peyote! I'm juiced about it! He hasn't done any beading sin...
15 years ago 21
AD: EBay - Rustired
Hey, I have a new set up on EBay - Happy Blues. My first attempt at lentils, turned out pretty well. The photo is HUGE!!!
15 years ago 10
Its done! (first peyote piece) in the jewelry photo is a picture of the first peyote piece I finished. It needs a button or something on the other side then I plan to wear it pro...
15 years ago 81
OT: Good bye to Max
Mom called me this morning with the news about Max Faget's death. He'd been a school mate of hers and a friend of the family. After my dad died she moves to Texas to be near to him. It was so ver...
15 years ago 9
Larry Brickman update
Hey Folks I received this the other day from Larry, I'm sure a few of you know him or his work. I know a few people are donating to help him with his medical bills, there will possibly be an auction...
15 years ago 2
How cute are these??? Kitty Bunz Not mine, but I love them! :D -- Kandice Seeber Air & Earth Designs
15 years ago 28
AD: New Desert Dreamer Beads in search of good homes
Hi everyone! After a brief vacation by my muse, I'm back with a few pretties. I'll be working like a fiend the next several days because my Mom will be here visiting a week from today! I'm really ...
15 years ago 4
OT - Vibes and good wishes
I am _so_ behind reading posts and looking at the eye candy, a.k.a. temptation. I just need to wish everyone well. Have missed you all. In skimming the posts I see that so many people need vibes a...
15 years ago
OT Got air?
Wish I did. I'm having a lot of trouble getting enough air into my lungs today--I'm sure because of the build up of what's affectionately referred to in my household as "lung butter." I woke up...
15 years ago 22