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TIDBITS 04/15/07
If any of you want Tidbits emailed directly, let me know and I'll take care of it. Tidbits may be reprinted without charge -- with attribution and without change. Additionally, if you know of an...
12 years ago
Moved form Cali to AZ
Yes I am now in AZ, Mesa to be exact... along with Karen Sherwood and Valerie... What a small world. I hope to meet up with Karen on Sunday for some torch time and glass talk. Details... gah I h...
12 years ago 1
OT: How is Faith?
Hi Jerri I've been curious and I'm sure a few other dog lovers have been too... how is she doing? Ellie
12 years ago 2
I'm obsessed.
I think I'm gonna cry. I want a set from Lydia soooo bad... I love her work and I know that she's going to get "discovered" any time now and I'll lose my chance, but I'm still dealing with my medi...
12 years ago 4
urgently seeking a bead tip!
Is there anyone who could share *one* bead tip?? I'd be happy to trade whatever... I have gold-filled bead tips ("clam shell" type) that are used from the bottom -- but I know they have them tha...
12 years ago 1
OT - I am so sick
I haven't been this sick in ages. Oh, I've had colds and such, but this flu is killing me. I can't sleep! I just needed to whine. And there's nothing to do to kill the time that doesn't make me...
12 years ago 11
Lady's Stiff Stuff and Ultrasuede sellers?
Hi everyone! About a year ago I read somewhere on line that there was a place online that sold Lacy's Stiff Stuff in colors, and I can't for the life of me remember where I read this, or find anyo...
12 years ago 2
Freddie Mac
Does anyone know anyone who works at Freddie Mac, mid-level or above? figured it is worth a shot. thanks. katie
12 years ago
AD: New Lampwork Beads Posted
Hey Guys. I know it has been forever since I sent out an update, but there has been a ton of things going on. At the beginning of this last month I moved form Sacramento, CA to Mesa, AZ. It has ...
12 years ago 1
AD - My new thing - lampwork and yarn - yey!
Hi all! Just wanted to send a quick note to announce my newest auction - this time it's a pretty little knit bag with a flower snap closure - handmade by me! Perfect for tossing in your keys, cr...
12 years ago 1
Innovative Bead Expo, Edison, NJ
If you are in the NJ-NY-PA area, the Innovative Bead Expo is this coming weekend, April 14 & 15 at the Edison convention center. Hours are 10 to 5, both days. Info at T...
12 years ago 4
Project advice for a friend...
Hi guys, a friend of mine has been working on making a giant beaded picture with Herringbone stitch. She started out years ago with Czech seed beads, but found that they weren't uniform enough and a...
12 years ago 2
BeadExpo this weekend!
Just a quick reminder that we will be exhibiting at BeadExpo this coming weekend. Show preview is on Thursday night from 5pm to 9pm and then the show continues through Sunday. Check their website fo...
12 years ago
Kiln Advice
Hello all : ) After lamping for a few months , my partner and I are ready for a kiln . Any input , advice , recommendations would truly be appreciated . What a dizzying array of kilns there are .....
12 years ago 3
OT Another string to my bow
I think I mentioned that I have done a digital imaging course. Also that I have made my first quilt. While I was doing the DI and making some unusual pictures by imposing one element of one photo ...
12 years ago 7