Applique on Denim Overalls? HELP!

I am in search of some help with embroidering/satin stitching fabric to
denim overalls.
I hope someone can help!
Right now, what I am doing is cutting out the fabric, using spray adhesive
and then satin stitching right on the denim overalls around the edges of the
fabric. I use a tear-away stabilizer on the back to help enforce the
stitching and to make the fabric run smoothly over the feed dogs.
I had been using iron-on adhesive, but decided to switch to spray adhesive
since it is faster and the iron-on adhesive seemed to show through the light
colored fabrics.
Does this sound like a good process so far?
I am using an Elna Quilters Dream sewing machine, not an embroidery machine.
Do I need an embroidery machine to make the stitching more professional
I use regular Coates & Clark thread. Is there a better thread to use? I
know Sulky is good for rayons, but I am just looking for a plain looking
thread now.
Someone had recommended to me that I take my piece of fabric and embroider
it onto the tear away and do all the detail in the middle and around the
outside edges. To make an actual appliqué. Then I should use a stitch of
"some kind" to adhere the appliqué to the denim. What kind of stitch do I
use so it doesn't show over the satin stitching on the appliqué? How do I
make sure the edges of the appliqué are securely fastened to the denim so
that the edges don't fray?
I would think it would be easier to do all my embroidering to make the
appliqués and then attach them to the overalls. But I am just not sure how
or if it will look professional? Any advice?
I am just trying to make some holiday outfits for my 2 boys. I thought
dressing up overalls would be easy, but my stitches are uneven and I break
needles and thread all the time!
Thanks so much!
Allison Mullen
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alison- what i do with appliqueing, i stabilize the fabric i am giong to cut shapes from, cut them out, and use a spray or iron on adhesive to the base fabric (in this case, overalls). THEN i satin stitch around the shape...or use a buttonhole stitch.
i will say, its important to play with stitches and see what works, looks best. also, i dont use coats and clark at all....all of my machines hate it! for regular sewing i use mettlers or guttermans. and, for applique, i might try a rayon thread (such as madiera or sulky).
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I use Coats & Clark's Sylko embroidery thread. It's much stronger than rayon and can be washed, even bleached, without the problems of rayon thread. Can't just buy it at JoAnn's or WalMart, though. I have to order it.
For rayon, I much prefer Madeira.
Depending on what you want it to look like, you can use any thread to embroider, from silk to serger thread. The end result will look different, but sometimes you want the effect.
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